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Grant Competition for Civil Society Organisations

Grant Competition for Civil Society Organisations


Expertise France and Czech Development Agency with support of the European Union are implementing the project “Strengthening Social Protection in Georgia”. The project aims at supporting the Government of Georgia and state organizations in improving social services, evidence-based policy making and extending social protection rights.

The project consists from three specific objectives:

** Improve social assistance delivery to cover the needs of the most vulnerable, through capacity building provided to relevant state agencies;
** Create/develop easily accessible and user-friendly online information management system and boost data management capacity, as well as enhance information/outreach to the regions;
** Support structural review/reform of the current social protection system, including the legislative process.

Objective of grant competition

In the frame of the project Expertise France announces the grant competition which aims at improving IDPs access to social services through capacity building of municipalities to work on IDP issues, raising awareness of IDPs on social services and how to access them.

Specific objectives of the grant include:

** To conduct rapid assessment of situation of IDPs in different municipalities, their access to municipal services and to implementation of their rights in both cases: in case of resettlement when IDPs are “new” for municipality and in case of “old” problem – when IDP still live in abandoned collective centers or in private accommodation without real access and attention to their needs. The rapid assessment will include focus groups (at least, 6), interviews with IDPs and with municipalities decision makers, with NGOs working in the regions, with the Agency, and with Parliamentary Gender Equality Council and Human Rights Committee.
** To evaluate existing programs/data in municipalities on all services, provided by municipalities for IDPs.
** To organize meeting with stakeholders, including core Ministries and representatives of municipalities and to discuss existing barriers for active inclusion of municipalities in implementation of Action Plan of State Strategy towards IDPs/.
** To interview several international organizations, working in the IDPS area (DRC, UNHCR”,) on their recent activities;
** To propose the communication channels and social platforms for the outreach of information for IDPs;
** To conduct outreach and training activities at local level, including at local offices of Social Service Agency, and activities raising IPDs` awareness on social protection services and how to access them.

Eligibility criteria:

** Competition is open to non-governmental organizations registered in Georgia;
** Priority will be given to non-governmental organizations having experience in working with IDPs in the regions of Georgia;
** Having dedicated team for implementation of the project;
** Maximum grant amount is 20, 000 EUR.

Please take into consideration that provided services and goods should be excluding VAT. Project “Strengthening Social Protection in Georgia” is exempted from VAT, though VAT exemption does not apply sub-grants.

In order to apply for grant please send filled application form to mariami.paposhvili@expertisefrance.fr no later than August 20, 2022, 18:00 pm.

See application forms here

Contact person: Mariam Paposhvili, Mob: 599726388; e-mail: mariami.paposhvili@expertisefrance.fr