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The European Union has made environmental protection and the fight against climate change its first priority, developing the European Green Deal and other initiatives such as the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. Reforms supported by the EU bring Georgia closer to the EU’s environmental requirements and standards and ensure a better protected environment while fighting the effects of climate change. This will improve the quality of life and health for Georgians.

Through the Economic and Investment Plan (EIP), the EU is actively working on improving energy efficiency in public buildings. This helps save energy and financial resources, and keep premises warm. The EU is also promoting renewable energy production in Georgia, which will not only enhance Georgia’s energy security but also reduce the environmental impact of the sector. The EU significantly contributed to the modernisation of key hydropower stations and supported   Georgia in becoming home to the first commercial wind farm in the Caucasus. The EU continues to fund the renovation works around Enguri hydropower station, which produces around 40% of the electricity used in Georgia. Another flagship project under the EIP is improving air quality in Tbilisi for the benefit of over 1 million people.

Additional aspects of the EU’s work in the environment and climate sector in Georgia include supporting Georgia in advancing its efforts for better waste management, water sector reform, environmental and health impact assessments, and the protection of biodiversity. The EU seeks to improve the management and legislation on industrial pollution and hazards and sets the mechanisms to manage environmental risks and impacts.

EU support to the Environment Protection

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