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EU Enlargement

In 2023, the European Council decided to grant the status of candidate country to Georgia

EU Enlargement

The European Commission adopted the 2023 Enlargement Package, providing a detailed assessment of the state of play and the progress made by Georgia on its path towards accession to the European Union. It is the first time that Georgia was included in this process. The report focuses in particular on the progress in the implementation of fundamental reforms, as well as on providing clear guidance on the reform priorities ahead.

In the case of Georgia, in light of the results achieved, the Commission recommends that the Council grants Georgia the status of a candidate country on the understanding that a number of steps are taken.

“Enlargement is a vital policy for the European Union. Completing our Union is the call of history, the natural horizon of our Union. Completing our Union, also has a strong economic and geopolitical logic. Past enlargements have shown the enormous benefits both for the accession countries and the EU. We all win.”- European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen.

Georgia has taken steps to strengthen engagement with the EU and increased pace of reforms in the recent months. To address the twelve priorities identified in the Commission Opinion on its membership application, Georgia has adopted legislative acts and policy actions on gender equality, on fighting violence against women and organised crime, as well as on taking into account European Court of Human Rights judgments. A judicial reform has been brought forward although a holistic reform of the High Council of Justice is still needed. Georgia has shared laws as well as its action plan for deoligarchisation with the Venice Commission for an opinion. A strategy on the protection of human rights was adopted and an action plan is being elaborated. A memorandum of cooperation with civil society representatives was concluded. Building a strong cross-party political consensus would contribute to addressing polarisation and accelerate its European path.

On 14 December 2023, The European Council decided to grant the status of candidate country to Georgia, on the understanding that the relevant steps set out in the Commission recommendation of 8 November 2023 are taken.

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Statements of the EU Ambassador and Team Europe on the European Council’s decision to grant Georgia a candidate status

“Congratulations, today is a historic day! 27 EU countries unanimously decided to grant the candidate status to Georgia.

Congratulations to political leaders, civil servants, civil society and media.

But, first and foremost, to the people of Georgia, who devotedly support European integration.

The voice of the people of Georgia is clearly heard in the European Union. As I am hearing you now and here.”

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See photos from the celebration event here

EU Ambassador’s statement on the EU Commission’s recommendation to grant grant Georgia a candidate status

“My sincere congratulations to all political leaders in Georgia. My sincere congratulations to the government, to the opposition, to the Parliament, to the President, to the civil society, to the media, but first and foremost – to the people of Georgia, who have always consistently, in an unwavering way, supported Georgia’s European path. This is a big recognition from the European Union of the progress achieved within the last years. European aspirations are uniting all Georgians.”- The EU Ambassador to Georgia, Pawel Herczynski

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