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Digitalisation is a joint priority of Georgia and the European Union. Through investments in digital infrastructure and the development of new skills, the EU is supporting Georgia’s digital transition. For example, the EU is working together with the European Investment Bank under the Economic and Investment Plan (EIP), the implementing tool of the EU’s Global Gateway strategy, to extend a fast and reliable internet connection to 1,000 rural communities in Georgia, reaching half a million people.  The EU will reduce the digital divide by increasing access to affordable and secure broadband connectivity and ensuring digital inclusion of the rural population in Georgia,.

E-commerce is an increasingly important driver of growth and jobs in Georgia. The EU provides training in digital skills and expanding the reach of online services for the general population, as well as advanced digital skills for developers and education and employment in the Information and Communications Technology sector for girls and women. It also ensures the infrastructure, software and standards used are compatible throughout the country.

The EU also works at creating opportunities for start-ups, supporting green entrepreneurs, and the digitalisation of SMEs through tailor-made support including a grant/voucher scheme, boosting innovation, and creative industries in the regions of Georgia.

Georgia is carrying out a number of digital reforms that will eliminate obstacles and barriers for pan-European online services for citizens, public administrations and businesses. This includes harmonising digital environments among the Eastern Partner countries and with the EU, and equipping primary healthcare system with telemedicine capacities to ensure equitable access to services for people in remote areas, and contribute to progress towards Universal Health Coverage.

Another aspect of the EU support involves enhancing the development and coordination of policies for regulatory and policy reforms. These reforms aim to assist the Government in implementing its upcoming Digital Economy and Information Society Strategy.

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