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Human Rights for All II

Project Description
“Human Rights for All” is a joint initiative of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN), implemented by UNDP and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). It builds on the achievements of the previous phase of the programme in 2016-2019, aiming to assist Georgia in promoting the respect for human rights, strengthening human rights protection in all areas and addressing the remaining issues of concern.

The programme is designed to ensure that all citizens – without exception, can enjoy their rights and freedoms that are safeguarded by the Constitution and major policy documents in line with Georgia’s national priorities and its international commitments under the Association Agreement with the European Union, the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN human rights treaties.
Specific Objective
Implementation and monitoring of the national human rights policy and related frameworks.
Improvement of the independent investigation of crimes committed by law-enforcement officials.
Combatting torture and other forms of ill-treatment.
Personal data protection.
Addressing challenges to the protection of human rights in rural regions.
Addressing challenges in protecting the rights of the minority groups and people in vulnerable situations. This includes the LGBTQI+ community, persons with disabilities, national and ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups.
Expected Results
Relevant public bodies are effective in developing, implementing and monitoring national human rights policy and related frameworks.
Law-enforcement bodies and human rights institutions fulfil their duties in creating and enforcing policies while ensuring oversight and transparency.
The minority groups and persons in vulnerable situations enjoy legal protection that translates into state and social practices.
Local authorities protect the rights of citizens with no exception.
Citizens are informed about their rights and freedoms. Public support to human rights values increases.
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Photo gallery
ABC video is prepared within the project Queer resilience implemented with the support of the EU and UNDP. The video explains a term from the LGBTQI vocabulary aiming at raising awareness of the society to better understand the terminology associated with LGBTQI people.
Video is prepared within the project Queer resilience implemented with the support of EU and UNDP. The video aims at providing information to the public about the harmful effects of COVID-19 and raising awareness about the importance of vaccination.
Queer resilience project. This video is prepared within the project Queer resilience implemented with the support of EU and UNDP aimed at destroying the stereotypes and addressing stigma and discrimination faced by the LGBTQI community in Georgia.
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Partnership that protects
Rule of law & human rights
Human rights
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