Women’s Power Economic and Political Participation for Inclusive Societies in Georgia

Project Description
The project “Womens Power” aims to support women and girls in four regions of Georgia (Kakheti, Guria, Racha and Imereti) to participate equally in economy and politics and change patriarchal mindsets and stereotypes. Feminist activists, including young people, will be trained and funded to implement local actions that contribute to increased women’s political and economic participation. The action will result in tangible changes improving the lives of local women and men, girls and boys.
Specific Objective
Change mind-sets by decreasing stigmatization, stereotypes, patriarchal views, and increase women’s monitoring of, and participation in, policy making and budget planning in their municipalities, bringing tangible improvement to women’s lives from Guria, Kakcheti, Racha and Imereti
Expected Results
Result 1: 15 local empowerment and youth trainers will have 2 training tools (in Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian, Russian) addressing 4 key empowerment areas (political, economic, equality & rights, participatory sustainability planning and budgeting) and adapted to the local situation of women and minority groups.

Result 2: strengthened capacity of 240 local women and men from civil society and CSOs/CBIs, 650 youth and 150 WWDs who are able to use new (digital) skills to integrate their priorities into local decision-making and budgets, access public services and funds, increase economic independence and change mind-sets.

Result 3: 30 sub-granted community-actions and 60 youth-actions (30-35% of total budget) in the 4 regions are engaging 6000 local women, men and youth to increase their economic/political participation and their perspectives in (social) media.

Result 4: Strategic networking and community-data surveys ensure impactful policy participation and cooperation with elected local councils, parliamentarians and PM’s office to enter target group needs and priorities into public budgets, programs
Project map
Priority Area:
Partnership that empowers
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Stichting Women Engage For A Common Future - International
Funding by the EU:
€861 729
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