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A Good Harvest – 5 stories of EU support to Georgian farmers


With almost half of Georgians involved in agriculture, any improvements in farming will have a big impact.

Last year the EU teamed up with FAO under the new phase of the ENPARD programme to bring modern agriculture techniques to Georgia by supporting the Government’s farmer extension services. These new techniques include minimal tillage, mulching, drip-irrigation, raised beds and new crops.   

This harvest, the results are in: farmers are collecting up to 40% larger yields with 30% lower costs, are secured against challenges like drought, and growing new crops like sweetcorn or broccoli.

We are launching a campaign to bring you the success stories of five of these farmers.  While some of these changes require special equipment, the most important thing is the new approach – an environmentally friendly, planned, and low impact one. And it’s not just about the farming – we are working to help farmers sell their produce as well.  

Our goal is clear – making the harvests in Georgia more productive than ever.
For more information on this support programme and the success stories, check out Campaign page and Facebook page.

Media Contact:
Tamar Khuntsaria, Senior Economic Development Expert, EU4Georgia III,
+995 595 989916, tamar@commwithus.eu