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Announcement of EU-Supported Grant Programme for Local Business Development in Guria, Adjara and Samegrelo

The EU-funded project “Skills for Employment and Cooperation – Perspectives for the Regions of Georgia – SECTORs”, announces a grant competition for local businesses operating in the Guria (Ozurgeti, Lanckhuti, Chokhatauri), Adjara (Batumi, Keda, Kobuleti) and Samegrelo (Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha, Senaki).

About the project:  The project – “Skills for Employment and Cooperation – Perspectives for the Regions of Georgia – SECTORs” – is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Institute for Change and Innovations (formerly Guria Youth Resource Center) in cooperation with the Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA), the Institute for Democracy and Association ATINATI.  The project aims to improve the employment opportunities of vulnerable groups in the community through sectoral partnership incentives, entrepreneurship education, and the introduction of innovative approaches to contribute to the economic development of the project target regions. The target regions are Guria, Adjara, and Samegrelo. 

The aim of the grant program: The grant program aims to support the strengthening of local businesses so that they can create local employment opportunities. 

Eligibility criteria for participation in the grant competition:  Entrepreneurial entities (Individual Entrepreneurs, Limited Liability Companies., Registered Cooperatives, etc.), whose main activity is carried out in the selected regions and municipalities, have the right to participate in the grant competition. 

Eligibility criteria of the entrepreneurial subject:

  • An entrepreneurial entity must be registered for at least three years;
  • The annual turnover of an entrepreneurial entity should not exceed 500 000 GEL;

Funding Principle:

  • The minimum amount of funding under the grant competition is 2500 €, and the maximum is 6000 € 
  • Funding is based on the principle of co-participation and the applicant’s share must be at least 10% of the total application budget.

Application evaluation criteria: 1. The link between the idea submitted through the grant application and the purpose of the competition;

2. A clear description of the idea. A detailed description of the job creation plan. A clear plan for cooperation with consulting institutions;

3. Applicant Status – Applicant status must match the status of eligible entities;

4. Applicant’s knowledge and/or experience in the field of implementation of the submitted project;

5. Supportive preconditions, environmental factors, and resources related to the project implementation (human, technical, etc.);

6. Project implementation approaches. Activities planned for the implementation of the project;

7. Project Financial Planning (Logical Budget – Realistic Cost Estimation);

8. Project implementation risks and ways to reduce them;

9. Clear project implementation schedule, project implementation period should not exceed 9 months.

11. Results obtained from the implementation of the project;

12. Project viability;

The grant recipient is obliged to employ the beneficiaries involved in the above-mentioned project (young people, women, persons with disabilities,  internally displaced persons, taking into account the relevant gender balance) according to the proposed plan.

Subject to all of the above criteria, the selection results will be notified to the applicants in case of both positive and negative results. In the event of a negative result, upon written request, the applicant will be given a written response on the reasons for the refusal.

In the process of evaluating grant applications, additional points can be awarded to projects that represent innovation at the regional level and/or a positive result for the environment (use of methodologies and technologies that reduce the negative impact on the environment). 

The grant will not fund: 1. Salaries (in exceptional cases an expert/specialist compensation may be funded) and running costs; 

2. Purchase of cattle and small cattle, poultry, bee families; 

3. Purchase of real estate; 

4. Individual participation in seminars, workshops, and conferences; 

5. Individual funding for research or training unless it is an integral part of the core business; 

6. Academic and scientific research;  

7. Educational/scientific grants; 

8. Humanitarian actions and activities; 

9. Debts and expenses incurred for possible future losses; 

10. Interest payable, fines, penalties; 

11. Losses caused as a result of currency conversion; 

12. Loans to third parties; 

13. Insurance costs; 

14. Costs of purchasing and repairing vehicles (exceptions may be allowed depending on the specifics of the project and the vehicle); 

15. Activities prohibited by the current legislation of Georgia;

16. Activities that directly or indirectly cause harm to the environment;

17. Expenses related to political or religious affiliation.

The application form for the Grant program can be downloaded from: www.ici.org.ge; www.iod.ge www.atinati.org  The Application can be submitted electronically to the following address: ici.info.02@gmail.com– Guria; info@iod.ge – Ajara;  office@atinati.org  – Samegrelo. 

Indicate the following in the title field: Grant program for local business development The application deadline is September 20, 2021, Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Contact representatives:

Guria – Otar Revishvili; 599 9818 98; revishvili@gmail.com   

Ajara – Nestan Kakhadze, 577452515,  n.kakhadze@iod.ge 

Samegrelo- Khatuna Gadelia, 571 53 88 28  khatuna@atinati.org