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EU-funded Grants Competition

CENN Announces an EU-funded Grants Competition to Improve Social Services


Within the EU-financed project Empowering Civil Society to Promote Inclusive and Post-COVID Recovery CENN announces a grant competition for civil society organisations (CSOs), representatives of the private sector with a social mission and social service providers to improve the quality of social services, accessibility and lives of vulnerable groups.

The specific objective of grant competition is to implement gender-sensitive initiatives relevant to municipal needs and aims to increase access to quality social services, strengthen rights holders, improve the lives of vulnerable groups and use digital solutions for rights protection.

The following entities can participate in the grant competition:

  • Registered CSOs;
  • Registered private companies with a social mission;
  • Registered organisations that are oriented toward providing social services;
  • Also, a consortium of abovementioned organisations.

The amount of the grant is 5,000 to 13,000 Euros.

The deadline for submitting proposals in the grant competition is: April 30, 2024, 18:00.

To get detailed information about the grant competition, consultation and information meetings will be held in the target municipalities:

  • Dmanisi Municipality, April 1, 11:00, conference hall of Dmanisi Municipality City Hall. Address: Dmanisi, St. Nino Street No. 41;
  • Bolnisi Municipality, April 10, 11:00, conference hall of Bolnisi Municipality City Hall. Address: Bolnisi, Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Street No. 106;
  • Tsalka Municipality, April 11, 12:00, conference hall of Tsalka Municipality City Hall. Address: Tsalka, Aristotle Street No. 22;
  • Gardabani Municipality, April 12, 11:00, conference hall of Gardabani Municipality City Hall. Address: Gardabani, D. Agmashenebeli Street No. 127;
  • Akhaltsikhe municipality, April 2, 12:00, conference hall of Akhaltsikhe Municipality City Hall. Address: Akhaltsikhe, M. Kostava Street No. 18;
  • Ninotsminda Municipality, April 15, 12:00, conference hall of Ninotsminda Municipality City Hall. Address: Ninotsminda, Pushkin Street №43

See the detailed guidelines and relevant documentation for the grant competition below.

See the full document of the grants competition here

Additional documents: Grants application form, Budget form.