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Climate Change Thematic Camp for Women and Youth

Climate Change Thematic Camp for Women and Youth


CENN, within the EU-funded Georgia Climate Action Project, in cooperation with partner organizations, is announcing a call for women and youth to participate in the thematic climate change camp.

The camp aims to mobilize local communities for mainstreaming climate change issues at municipal and regional levels. Camp participants will receive thematic training on the following issues: the human rights-based approach, climate change, its causes, climate change mitigation and effective adaptation, effective management of water resources, and energy efficiency.

As a result of the camp, participants, together with leaders, will develop joint initiatives to promote youth and women activism in the field of climate change and empower youth and women to address climate change issues at the local and regional levels. As a result of the camp, 4 initiatives will be developed, the implementation of which will be ensured within the framework of the project.

Who can participate in the camp:

Women and youth aged 15-35 and living in Gurjaani, Sagarejo, Akhmeta (Kakheti region), Zestaponi, Tkibuli, Chiatura (Imereti region), Lanchkhuti and Ozurgeti (Guria region), Oni and Ambrolauri (Racha) municipalities are welcome to participate in the camp.

Note: Women and youth who have already participated in the camp held in April or September 2022 are not allowed to participate.

Those who want to participate should fill out the electronic application form here.

Deadline for receiving applications – March 15, 18:00. Late applications will not be considered

The camp will be held at the Bulachauri Green Center on April 3-8.

  • Period of receiving applications: March 1 – 15
  • Contact with selected candidates: March 16-24
  • Camp implementation period: April 3-8

In case of additional questions, please contact Miranda Apakidze at: miranda.apakidze@cenn.org

The camp is implemented within the EU-funded project Georgia Climate Action Project that is implemented by CENN in cooperation with the Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (KRDF), Association of the Chiaturians Union (ACU), Racha-Lechkhumi and Low Svaneti Agrotourism Development Association (RLS-ADA) and Young Pedagogues’ Union (YPU).

The project target municipalities are Lanchkhuti, Ozurgeti; Gurjaani, Sagarejo, Akhmeta; Zestaponi, Tkibuli, Chiatura; and Ambrolauri, Oni. The project aims to strengthen civil society and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms, with a particular focus on the rights to water and a healthy environment.