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EU and WECF Georgia launch Media4Equality Award


With the support of the European Union, “Women Engage for Common Future – Georgia” (WECF Georgia) launched the new Media4Equality awards to promote gender equality in the work of journalists, photographers, bloggers, and social media creators/influencers.

Call for submissions for the new Media4Equality award are now open. The competition aims to highlight the importance of independent media, multimedia, and social media platforms in building a gender-equal and inclusive society in Georgia. The final goal is to eliminate all forms of gender-based discrimination and violence. 

“The EU remains a staunch supporter of gender equality. When looking at this challenge, it is easy to see that inequalities persist, whether in terms of unequal pay, under-representation in politics, or in everyday life, like gender-based violence and sexual harassment. Media is important and has the choice of either reinforcing gender stereotypes normalising inequalities or to highlight these issues and to push the discussion on these matters. Against this background, I am proud to launch the first Media4Equality Award, which will recognise journalistic works that have helped to empower women, point out problems of inequality and help fight gender discrimination and violence”, said Carl Hartzell, Ambassador of the European Union. 

Ida Bakhturidze, country coordinator and gender expert at WECF Georgia, stated: “Media4Equality is the first multimedia award in Georgia, which not only recognizes mainstream media as an ally in empowering women and achieving gender equality, but also social media platforms are equally considered as part of this process. For us it’s very important that this award underlines special places of regional multimedia platforms. Therefore, WECF Georgia has made a separate nomination for regional media representatives and multimedia creators. We think this award is a good opportunity for people from different platforms to help raise public awareness by creating gender-sensitive media products or content.” 

The 2021 Media4Equality award includes four categories. Submissions in all categories need to be of gender sensitivity, women’s empowerment, and gender equality issues. The Media4Equality by WECF Georgia is the first ever award in Georgia that also recognizes the impact of social media platforms, alongside traditional and printed media. 

Four outstanding candidates will receive an award in:

● Best National Multimedia Product (TV footage/Radio report/Online production);

● Best Regional Multimedia Product 

● Best Social Media and/or Website Content Creator; 

● Best Visual Storytelling (murals, photo-based content)

The winner from each category will receive a prize of 1500 Euros, equivalent to GEL.

The deadline for submissions is November 11th, 2021. 

Submissions are expected to contribute to the empowerment of women, addressing stereotypes, illustrating barriers for women’s equal participation in society and the labor market, and other gender sensitive topics.

For more information, please contact: 

For more information about the competition, application form, and conditions, see the WECF Georgia website: https://www.wecf.ge/media-awards/

Alongside with the filled application form, the participants of the Multimedia Award Media4Equality should also send additional materials to the following email: media4equality@wecf.org