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EU-funded Social Enterprise-Training Center "Gariseli" has officially opened

EU-funded Social Enterprise-Training Center “Gariseli” has officially opened


SE-Training Center “Gariseli”, the winner of the project “Social Entrepreneurship in Armenia and Georgia” implemented within the framework of the EU4Youth Initiative, has officially started operating. The training center is focused on developing the skills of Tetritskaro youth by offering trainings and educational courses. The social mission of the enterprise is to raise the non-formal educational background of the local youth and especially the ethnic minorities and to prepare them for employment or to continue education in the universities. 

In addition, the center has a tourist information corner, which contains materials on Tetritskaro and its surrounding cultural heritage. The center offers guide services and advice on tour planning and tourist itineraries both, online and on-site. This tourist corner is very important for Tetritskaro municipality, as it takes the first steps in the tourism direction.

The opening ceremony was attended by: EU Delegation to Georgia, current and former Mayor of Tetritskaro; Chairman of Tetritskaro Council, Social Enterprise Alliance of Georgia, NGO CENN, Association of Business Consulting Organizations of Georgia (ABCO), Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG), Youth Agency, Impact Hub, etc.

“We are happy to support another Social Enterprise  under SEAG project which should allow young people and general population around Tetriskaro  to use their potential and realize their ideas in practice. We hope this enterprise will have a multiplying effect and will showcase many success stories around this region”. – Nino Samvelidze (Delegation of the European Union to Georgia).

The opening of the social enterprise “Gariseli” is of great importance for the development of Tetritskaro municipality. It enables young people, especially ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups, to receive non-formal education and to establish themselves with dignity in society. This project was made possible with the financial support of the European Union, which once again emphasizes the importance of EU assistance to our country. “- Giga Sarukhanishvili (Director of the project” Social Entrepreneurship in Armenia and Georgia “).

“I am very happy when social places of such importance are created in Tetritskaro municipality, which contribute to the strengthening and development of the community. Access to non-formal education is especially important for an ethnically diverse community, as everyone has the opportunity to develop and realize their potential, regardless of their origin or religion. The problem of migration is especially acute in Kvemo Kartli and the low involvement of the society in the daily life of the municipality will be felt even more strongly compared to other communities“.  Nino Tikurishvili (Founder of the social enterprise “Gariseli”).

Note: All COVID-19 regulations imposed by the state of Georgia were fulfilled at the meeting.

The EU4Youth-SEAG project is supported by the European Union. Its main goal is to strengthen the entrepreneurial potential of 18-29 year old youth and employ them in the field of social entrepreneurship.

For more information, please contact us:

• Elene Amaglobeli, SEAG Project Communications Assistant;
Tel: 558194373;
E-mail: seag.geo@gmail.com .