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EU Launches Human Rights Week in Georgia


On December 7, 2020 EU Delegation to Georgia in cooperation with partner organizations and projects launches Human Rights Week. The activities in social and traditional media will be conducted under the motto of this year Human Rights Day theme Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights.

To learn more follow our social media channels. Find out more info at https://www.facebook.com/europeanunioningeorgia

Human Rights Day, observed annually on 10 December, marks the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 which sets out a broad range of fundamental rights and freedoms to which all of us are entitled. It grants the rights of every individual, without distinction based on nationality, gender, national or ethnic origin, religion, language, or any other status.

10 December is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of human rights in re-building the world we want, the need for global solidarity as well as our interconnectedness and shared humanity.

During Human Rights Week, the EU will be sharing stories of EU support to Human Rights, and will be announcing five new projects in this area. 

This year’s theme relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on the need to build back better by ensuring Human Rights are central to recovery efforts, through creation of equal opportunities for all, addressing the failures exposed and exploited by COVID-19, and applying human rights standards to tackle entrenched, systematic, and intergenerational inequalities, exclusion and discrimination.

Along with its international partners, the EU continues its commitment to promoting the rights of women, children, minorities and displaced persons, opposing the death penalty, torture, human trafficking and discrimination, with the overall objective to contribute to developing more inclusive societies.

In recent years in Georgia, the EU has made available over 100 million GEL for human rights protection and promotion, through supporting the national structures responsible for policy making and granting of rights to citizens and through support to civil society organisations which are key players in the country’s comprehensive human rights system.

With the EU support, over 20 human rights projects are being implemented throughout Georgia through local and international partners to protect children’s and women’s rights, support ex-prisoners and inmates in re-integration, sustain gender equality and job equality in the country and protect the rights of the People with Disabilities and other groups in vulnerable situations.

This includes funding for organisations supporting those most affected by COVID-19 and the resulting measures, including persons with disabilities (PwDs), internally displaced persons (IDPs), victims of domestic violence or people and children living below the support is delivered through civil society organisations around Georgia.