Idea Bank

EU support helps create First Regional Portal for Social and Green Entrepreneurship in Caucasus


The Idea Bank is the first digital platform to connect start-up social and green entrepreneurs with potential investors from the South Caucasus region. The Idea Bank was established with the support of the European Union, as part of the EU-funded project “EU4Youth: Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) for Green Growth” and its main goal is to discover and develop young innovative entrepreneurial ideas.

The portal is trilingual and its main target audience is start-up entrepreneurs and investors interested in social and green entrepreneurship. The Idea Bank allows young entrepreneurs to create their own profile, and after successfully registering a business idea, it becomes accessible to a wide audience with the featured description of the business plan. In addition, investors interested in a detailed description of the business idea and financial needs have separate access to the business profiles. Potential investors can review the ideas after creating their own company profile and establishing its authenticity.

There are currently 33 ideas featured on the Idea Bank, of which 19 are from Georgia and 14 from Armenia. Among the registered entrepreneurs are those who received a grant from the EU in 2021 for the Caucasus Social Innovation Competition to start their own business in areas such as sustainable waste management, ecotourism, agriculture, eco-production, healthcare and more.

For more details, please visit the Ideas Bank website: https://ideabank.cenn.org/

The EU-funded regional project “EU4Youth: Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) for Green Growth” is implemented by CENN in partnership with KRDF in Georgia and Green Lane NGO in Armenia. The project empowers disadvantaged youth in Georgia and Armenia to successfully transition from education to work through developing their Social Entrepreneurship and Green Innovation skills.

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Ana Petriashvili, Communications Specialist, CENN; Tel: 599 522 127; E-mail: ana.petriashvili@cenn.org

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