EU-supported Akhmeta Local Action Group launches the first phase of sub-grant competition


EU-supported Akhmeta Local Action Group has launched the first phase of its sub-grant competition to fund projects that will support local development in the municipality.

Action Against Hunger, in partnership with Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (KRDF) is supporting Akhmeta LAG under the EU-support ENPARD project “Promoting inclusive and participatory local development in Akhmeta Municipality”.

The aim of the grant competition is to help realise the GOAL of Akhmeta LAG Local Development Strategy which is the improvement of the quality of life and economic development of Akhmeta Municipality.

To achieve this goal three priorities were identified by the LAG:

  1. Improvement of public infrastructure and environment through the cooperation of public, private and civil society sectors
  2. Development of local economy by supporting self-sustainability in the agriculture, business and tourism sectors
  3. Strengthening of the social sector through the development of social infrastructure and promotion of citizens engagement.

All project ideas must be in line with at least one of the actions provided in the strategy table to receive funding and must clearly explain which action will be supported.

Also, the project budget must fit within the minimum and maximum budget allowance provided in the table for that particular action.

All applicants must be able to provide co-financing and the minimum co-financing per action and whether it needs to be in cash or in-kind is also provided in the table.

What is the application process?
The call for applications will be held in two stages:

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest application submission
Stage 2 – Full Application submission

The Expression of Interest application form is available now on the Akhmeta LAG website www.akhmetalag.ge and Akhmeta LAG Facebook page.

The deadline for the Call for Expression of Interest application is the 4th September 2020

The applicant is obliged to complete all the points of the application and submit it before the set deadline.  All applications must be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address: akhmetalag@gmail.com

The project was launched in December 2018 with the support of the EU within the framework of the ENPARD programme. The overall objective of the action is to improve the socio-economic integration of disadvantaged rural communities in Georgia and contribute to poverty reduction.

The specific objective of the action is to support an inclusive and community-led approach to rural development to improve the quality of life and economic conditions in Akhmeta Municipality.

The European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) is recognised as one of the most successful agriculture and rural development initiatives funded by the European Union in Georgia. Implemented since 2013 with a total budget of EUR 179.5 million, the main goal of ENPARD is to reduce rural poverty in the country. More information on ENPARD is available at: www.enpard.ge 

Contact persons:

Levan Shashiasvili, KRDF Coordinator: +995 577 326 826 levanishashiashvili@gmail.com
Svetlana Borchashvili, LAG Coordinator: +995 595 113 314 sveta.borchashvili@gmail.com
Giorgi Santuryan, Project Manager, Action Against Hunger: +995 591 635 293 g.santuryan@sc.acfspain.org
Paul Hoare, Communication Officer, Action Against Hunger: +995 595 259 439 phoare@sc.acfspain.org

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