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After a bit of a break caused by the pandemic, Europe Day will once again be celebrated with a big, public event in Tbilisi. The Delegation of the European Union to Georgia invites everyone to join celebrations on 6 May at Expo Georgia (118 Akaki Tsereteli Avenue). People of all ages are invited to join us in celebration of the common values between Georgia and Europe and hear more about the European Union’s work in the country.

This unique event unites various audiences and communities of different age and interest groups, including businesses, civil society organizations, start-ups, farmers, civil activists, and many more. We will offer different activities tailored for youth, elderly as well as kids. An innovative storytelling event will be organised, where a list of Georgian celebrities will share their European experiences.

If you are curious about the Member States of the European Union and want to learn more about the culture and traditions of each country, you will enjoy the traditional “EuroVillage” in Pavilion 5. Come and meet representatives of Embassies and learn more about the different national characters and special traditions of each Member State.

The EU has been funding various programmes and projects for over 30 . On Europe DAy, you will be able to find more information about the European Union’s work in Georgia in Pavilion 11. You can meet people working on EU projects and see some of the innovative ideas and products develop.

The external areas of Expo Georgia will be transformed into an agricultural market Unique Georgian Taste” and filled with the products of farmers and entrepreneurs who have received backing from the EU and were able to further develop their activities using the knowledge gained from training. 

And that’s not all! On 6 May, Expo Georgia will be transformed into a space where visitors will be able to have fun, have a great time with family and friends, learn about different EU countries and have an unforgettable experience. A children’s area will also be organized, where children will find interesting games, a space for drawing, a puppet theater and much more.

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Of course, the floor will be given to young people! Enthusiastic speakers, Young European Ambassadors and students will share innovative ideas and valuable experiences on the Youth Stage: Georgia and Europe (Pavilion 6). They will discuss various topics, including environmental issues and digital innovation. If you are lucky, you may even catch a live discussion between Young European Ambassadors and Ambassador Pawel Herczynski. More information will follow.

Finally, we will organise a new format, the Storytelling event “My Europe” (Pavilion 3). Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to inspiring talks by Georgian celebrities, who will share their personal stories about their connection with Europe. The topics will be diverse and include European values and the opportunities that modern Europe offers. 

Europe Day has been celebrated in Georgia for many years, and has always been regarded as a unique and memorable event, bursting with interesting events, and visited by thousands every year.

About Europe Day:
Europe Day is marked around the world each year on 9 May, to commemorate the 1950 Declaration of Robert Schuman, the French foreign minister in place at that time. Schuman set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable, by asking them to share their coal and steel reserves. This concept was the beginning of what is today known as the European Union. Since then, and for the past 73 years, the EU has been developing, working, uniting and ensuring peace and prosperity for up to 447 million people across 27 countries of the world.

What to Expect From Europe Day

Full Agenda

Young Women Join Hands for Peace / ახალგაზრდა მეწარმე ქალები

Storytelling Event: My Europe

Listen to inspiring speeches by celebrities. 
Find out more about the event speakers: https://bit.ly/3LfAfbO

⇒ Where: Expo Georgia, Pavilion 3
⇒ When: 16:00-18:00


Learn more about the culture and traditions of EU member states

⇒ Where: Expo Georgia, Pavilion 4 and 5
⇒ When: 12:00-18:00

Youth Stage: Georgia and Europe

Listen to Enthusiastic speakers, students and Young European Ambassadors who will share innovative ideas and valuable experiences. 

⇒ Where: Expo Georgia, Pavilion 6
⇒ When: 12:00-18:00

EU Zone 

Informational and Educational Activities’ and EU-funded Projects’ Space.

⇒ Where: Expo Georgia, Pavilion 11
⇒ When: 12:00-18:00

Agromarket: Unique Georgian Taste

Taste the products of farmers and entrepreneurs who have received backing from the EU and were able to further develop their activities using the knowledge gained from training. 

⇒ Where: Expo Georgia, Pavilion 11, Yard
⇒ When: 12:00-18:00