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First Georgian Youth Opportunities Online Platform is already Available


For the first time in Georgia, youth opportunities online platform – youthplatorm.gov.ge is launched. The Youth Platform is an online space that is based on the principle of one window that connects youth with the state, nongovernmental and international organisations with development opportunities. It serves as an instrument for the structural dialogue that bridges the gap between youth and organisations with a purpose of providing easy access to the relevant opportunities.

The presentation of the platform took place on June 1, in Tbilisi. The event was attended by relevant stakeholders, including the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, representatives of international donor organisations, youth, government, nongovernmental organisations alongside with private and educational institutions that are engaged in the youth development and empowerment.

Nino Samvelidze, the Programme Manager for Youth, Culture and Digital Society at the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia emphasized that: “This is another step towards strengthening the youth ecosystem, which will enable young people to communicate more effectively about their goals and interests.”

The director of Save the Children International emphasized importance of similar initiatives for the development of youth and stated: “Youth empowerment is of crucial importance for the Save the Children International.Youthplatform.gov.ge is a new online platform for youth to have an access to opportunities tailored to their needs and interests and engage in various programmes.”

According to the head of the Youth Agency, Rezo Charkviani: „The digital product like youthpatform.gov.ge is of utmost importance for a governmental entity striving to establish a youth-oriented ecosystem. It is a one-stop-shop online platform that brings together opportunity provider organisations and youth that are looking for opportunities. This will support the activism of youth and their efficient engagement in social life.”

The Platform will operate in a testing regime and will be updated continuously based on the user experience.

Previously there have been no precedents of similar service in Georgia and the Platform shall be considered as an important step towards creating a youth-oriented ecosystem in the country. Namely, the youth will have access to a one window principle online platform to find opportunities to engage in any event, training, workshop, grant programme or others swiftly and effortlessly.

Youthplatform.gov.ge – is a large-scale project that has been implemented within the frames of the European Union Programme “Skills for Jobs”. Said Programme is jointly implemented by the European Union and its partner organisations, including Save the Children International, LEPL Youth Agency, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Georgian Youth Workers Association within the frames of the “Skills for Success” Project.

The Project aims at development of the entrepreneurial and employability skills among youth in between the ages of 16 and 29. It specifically targets youth not in education, employment and training (NEET Youth).

Contact details:

  • Mariam Kebadze, Public Relations Manager at Youth Agency, Mariam.kebadzee@gmail.com, 591 22 44 57
  • Marika Mkheidze, Advocacy Expert at Save the Children International, marika.mkheidze@savethechildren.org, 591 41 05 30

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