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ნინი მატუა / Nini Matua

First professional steps together with the EU


Nini Matua is 17 years old. Although a 12th grader, she has already chosen her profession and wants to become a journalist. Along with her school studies, Nini decided to gain some practical experience in her future profession before getting a university education.

The EU-funded project helped Nini achieve her goal, and she started her internship with radio “Atinati” in Zugdidi.

“I had a month-long internship at the radio, and had a chance to practice everything I need for working in journalism – finding information, editing, interacting with listeners on live air”, – recalls Nini, starting working with the radio after the internship and hosting the morning program for a year.

Nini was able to had her internship with the radio as part of the EU-supported “Skills for Employment and Cooperation – Perspectives for the Regions of Georgia – SECTORs” project”. According to Nini, the SECTORs project changed her life, and she thinks EU support is very important for the development of young people. “After finishing school, it’s hard to make a choice on what you want to do in the future. Projects like this help us to develop our skills, get more information about what opportunities are out there, and become more self-confident,” explains Nini.

Skills for Employment and Cooperation – Perspectives for the Regions of Georgia – SECTORs” is a project carried out by a consortium of non-governmental organizations consisting of the Guria Youth Resource Center, Association “Atinati”, Georgian Farmers’ Association, and Institute of Democracy. The project objective is to improve the employment opportunities of vulnerable groups in the community through sectoral partnership incentives, entrepreneurship education and the introduction of innovative approaches to contribute to the economic development of the project target regions.


For more than three decades, the European Union has fostered a unique and close partnership with Georgia, supporting the country’s continued development through knowledge and experience sharing, expertise, innovation and financial support. The relationship between the EU and Georgia is based on shared values of peace, freedom, democracy, human rights and inclusive economic growth.

The EU and Georgia work together for a strong, independent, democratic, resilient and prosperous Georgia, building European future for its people and next generations.