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New project to Improve Justice System in Georgia

Four Georgian Organizations with Support of the EU Delegation to Georgia Launching  a Project to Improve Justice System in Georgia


The European Union continues supporting the independent and impartial judicial system in  Georgia.

On 20 February 2024, the Georgian Young Lawyers‘ Association, Social Justice Center,  Institute for Development of Freedom of Information and Studio Monitor held a launching ceremony for the EU-funded project – “Promoting greater civic awareness and engagement  in judicial reforms and facilitating increased access to justice through holistic multi agency action”. The event centred around the purpose of the Project, its possible outcomes and  activities. In addition, the Panel Discussion was organized with regards to the Georgian justice  reform.

The ceremony was opened by Mr. Nicholas Cendrowicz, the Head of Cooperation at the  Delegation of the European Union to Georgia. According to Mr. Nicholas Cendrowicz: “Civil  society is an important actor in a mature democracy, to hold government to account and to  bring grassroots proposals to that government. In Georgia, this includes monitoring  implementation of the 9 steps, but also taking a role in deepening citizens’ understanding of the  reforms and ensuring genuine civic participation in EU integration. For this reason, the EU  will continue to support and strengthen Georgia’s vibrant civil society”. The event was also  attended by relevant stakeholders from state institutions, international organizations, and civil  society organizations.

The Project with the support of the European Union started on 1 January 2024 and it will finalized in December 2026. The overall objective of the project is to promote accessibility,  independence, transparency, impartiality, and accountability within the justice system,  including judicial reforms.

The project will reach its objectives through capacity-building, advocacy, assessments and  strategic litigation. As human rights are at the core of EU values as well as the EU-Georgia  relationship, this project is a good example of EU support for Georgia’s advancement in Human  Rights Practices, Democracy, and Rule of Law.

Fur further information please contact:

• Levan Katamadze, Public Relations and Communications Manager, the Georgian  Young Lawyers’ Association, pr@gyla.ge