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Kvareli Lake Resort introduces Energy Efficient systems with EU support


“Kvareli Lake is a truly magical place. The combination of modern standards and Kakhetian hospitality will please our guests all year round’, – this is how the founders of the Kvareli Lake Resort believe and do their utmost to pursue this goal.

“A magical place” in the heart of Kakheti, near the Kvareli Lake has been hosting guests since 2009. Things went well, as m|Group – an experienced hospitality management company made “Kvareli Lake” an attractive destination for visitors. A swimming pool, bikeway, bar-restaurant, conference hall designed for 120 people and many other activities – the aim of the management of the hotel was to allow guests coming for leisure, recreation or business to find a desired environment.

Later on, they decided to gradually introduce western standards. An investment project was developed, which received the European Union and EBRD supported EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line covering 85% (€ 1,670,712) of the total investment cost. Moreover, the company received a cashback in an amount of 15% (€ 250,607) of the loan, which has been reinvested and used for the further development of the resort.

So, step by step, albeit purposefully, the company came closer to the EU directives. With the financial support of the EU and EBRD, “Kvareli Lake Resort” has been transformed – in 2019, at the next stage of the development, the company opened a new building meeting modern standard, which can accommodate up to 150 people.

The building is energy efficient – the project involves mounting solar panels, heating and cooling system, thermal insulation, wastewater treatment systems, etc. Also, within the framework of the project, both the interior and exterior of the building have been improved, energy costs have been reduced to a minimum, and fire safety, waste management, health and occupational safety standards have been improved.

“In the long run, such modern systems not only help to protect the environment, which is a priority for us, but also are very effective for the business in terms of resource saving. This energy efficient approach allowed us to save 30% of utility costs”, says Nana Mzhavanadze, Business Development Director at “Kvareli Lake Resort” and notes that currently the hotel employs 120 people, 95% out of which are local residents. The company has conducted a number of professional development trainings to support employment of the population of Kakheti region.

“Kvareli Lake Resport” is growing despite the pandemic and has many plans for the future. The company intends to open a new building with 50 rooms on the territory of the resort occupying 300 ha in September 2023. The building will incorporate energy efficient features and meet the EU standards.

Just like then, in 2019, at the next stage of the resort’s development, the project authors look forward to receiving the EU’s support to bring their idea to fruition.