Photo Competition: Women amid the Pandemic in Georgia


The photo competition aims at promoting gender equality and strengthening support to society’s fight against domestic violence and violence against women.

The competition has been initiated and organized by the EU in Support of the Interagency Commission on Gender Equality project (hereinafter “the EU project”) and the Indigo magazine.

Alongside the new challenges, the quarantine and the lockdown introduced in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic have caused financial and emotional stress. More unpaid work, extra care after children and the elderly, and the overcrowded healthcare services have all exacerbated the impact of COVID-19 on women.

The EU project is looking for photos that reflect the particularly difficult situation of women amid the pandemic. Contestants are invited to share their photos showing how women’s lives have changed in their families during the outbreak and how women are breaking gender stereotypes.

Who are eligible?

All citizens of Georgia, both professional and amateur photographers of any age.

Competition requirements:

Contestants shall submit minimum 1 and maximum 5 photos matching the topic of the competition.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Idea of the photo: how well the photo conveys the main message
  • Perspective to the topic
  • Visual approach and the form
  • Photos should be taken between March 22 – the quarantine start date, and June 19 – the submission deadline, inclusive.

Technical requirements:

  • 1,500 px, JPEG format (8 and above), approx. 1000kb, SRGB.
  • At a certain stage, finalists will be required to submit original files in RAW or JPEG format for checking or otherwise, their works will be disqualified.
  • Least amount of digital image processing (contrast, resolution, brightness) is allowed. The images can be both color or black and white. They should not be framed or have any names or logos on.


Please, fill out the application form here.

Deadlines for submission and award

  • Photos need to be submitted in the period between May 24, 2020 to June 19, 2020, before 23:59 Tbilisi time.
  • Only photos qualified for the second competition stage will be published in the Indigo and on its website. Authors will be notified beforehand.
  • Only finalists qualified for the award-winning places will be contacted via email or phone before June 26, 2020.
  • Qualified finalists will present informed consent of people shown in the photos as required (the informed consent form will be sent to you if necessary).

What are the awards?

Competition winners will be receive the following award:

  • EUR 2000 for the first place
  • EUR 1500 for the second place, and
  • EUR 1000 for the third place.

Who selects and evaluates photos?

A jury consisting of Georgian and foreign professional photographers and gender experts will evaluate the photos and select the winners.

Additional terms

The EU project reserves the right to modify or cancel the competition or any event, schedule, plan, etc. directly or indirectly related to it, at any time and for any reason, if deemed necessary by the project team.

In case of a repeated failure to contact a contestant, the EU project reserves the right to offer the prize to the next best finalist.

Protection of minors shown in the photos

The EU project is deeply concerned with child exploitation in photography and will not accept any photos where any signs of psychological abuse, exploitation and coercion of minors would be detected by the jury in the photos themselves and/or if their titles or descriptions.

We call on all photographers to adhere to the guidelines for reporting on children, developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund and the United Nations Convention on Human Rights.

Photographers shall, to the maximum extent possible, seek to obtain the consent of children they photograph and their legal guardians.


All contestants shall ensure that all images of identifiable persons are taken with their consent and not infringing the rights or copyright of third parties.

All contestants presenting photos for the competition will have the copyright for their works.

Although retaining the copyright for the photos, all contestants shall assign the competition organizers a permanent right to use the photos in publications, on websites and / or in advertising materials related to this competition.

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