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Rural Development for Sustainable Growth of Tetritskaro Municipality

Project Description
The project is part of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) that promotes local action and engagement in decision-making. It is implemented in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia, notorious for its diverse population (Georgian, Armenian, Azeri, Greek ethnicities). The project is aimed at improving quality of life of the Municipality and offering new approaches and innovative solutions. Local Action Group (LAG) established with the help of the project takes the lead on production of community-driven Local Development Strategy and Action Plan focused on increased economic potential of the Municipality. The project supports LAG in introducing entrepreneur-focused financing mechanisms, employment models and innovative environmentally friendly technologies.
Specific Objective
Contributing to the improvement of quality of life in Tetritskaro Municipality through introduction of innovative social-economic models.
Expected Results
- Local Action Group is established (based EU LEADER approach) and is functional entity for improving the quality of life in rural areas through continuous and integrated local development initiatives in the targeted area
- Community driven rural development strategy and action plan for Tetritskaro municipality is elaborated.
- Diversified economic opportunities in Tetritskaro municipality are created through introduction of entrepreneurs oriented financing mechanisms, employment models and access to innovative environment friendly technologies.
Project documents
LTD „Bedeni“, Pharmacy
Sewing Shop in Tetritskaro
LTD „Universaluri Ostati“
CC Iberi - Rehabilitation of the Manglisi Cathedral's yard
N(N)LE Georgian Travel Guide
Rabbit farm in Jorjiashvili
Chicken Farming in Tetritskaro
Bee Keeping in Koda
Young Farmers Centers (YFC)
Agricultural Machinery
Fast food
Lifestock (Dagheti)
Blackberry garden
Producing of construction sand - LTD KVISHA
Equestrian tourism
Guesthouse in Manglisi 6
Raspberry farm in Koda
Agro-Technique for Tetritskaro Highland Zone
Goat Farm
Outdoor training apparatus in Jorjiashvili and Tetritskaro
Special Machine for cleaning the flooded roads
Cafeteria and Cellar
Space for extreme sports and entertainment
Guest house Artist's house
Guesthouse in Manglisi 5
Guesthouse in Manglisi 4
Equipment for the recreation park - CC Otarauli
Family Cellar - Ltd “Vaso Papa Cellar”
Beekeeping in Asureti
NNLE "Tetritskaro Municipality Sport School"
Tetritskaro Kindergartens
NNLE "Tetritskaro Municipality Art School"
NNLE "Tetritskaro Museum"
Tetritskaro Sport center
Agrotechnic service center in Ghoubani
Agrotechnic Service Center in the Village of Jorjiashvili
Semi-finished products factory and canteen
Food warehouse
Adventure Rope Park
Block Production
Auto service center in Jorjiashvili
Auto service center in Tetritskaro
Bread bakery
Honey Bee Farm in Koda
Honey production in Sagrasheni
Company producing beekeeping equipment
Livestock Farm in Menkalisi
Livestock Farm in Didi toneti
Dairy production in Enageti
Samgereti School stadium
NNLE "Eredvi Municipality Culture Centre"
NNLE "Community Fund Kodori 2013"
Mechanization Service Center in Abrameti
Mechanization Service Center of Borbalo
Mechanization Service Center in Marabda
Hotel in Tetritskaro
CC "Chemi Sakhli"
Guest House in Manglisi 3
Guest house in Manglisi 2
Guest House in Manglisi 1
Bio-gas in small farms
Souvenirs for tourists
Agrotourism Association of Tetritskaro
LTD Alexander Distillery
Tsintskaro +
Tetritskaro Local Action Group (LAG)
Employment Shuttle
Project map
Photo gallery
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Partnership that creates
Agriculture and rural development
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