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Promoting a New Rural Development Approach in Akhalkalaki

Project Description
The project is part of the EU’s ENPARD programme supporting agriculture and rural development. It establishes a Local Action group to drive local decision making, empowering citizens and promoting local action based on the EU LEADER approach.

The project works in one of the border municipalities of Georgia settled with ethnic minorities, least covered by different support programmes. It helps build systems to provide diversified sources of income to the population of the municipality by sharing experience of similar communities, engagement of young people and women, sustainable use of natural resources and promotion of rural tourism.

By supporting the establishment and development of the Local Action Group, the project supports local decision-making, empowerment of citizens and promotion of community action.
Specific Objective
Promote a bottom-up, inclusive rural development approach in Akhalkalaki that fully engages all communities in the municipality and specifically women and youth.
Expected Results
- Akhalkalaki Local Action Group is established;
- Local Development Strategy is developed for Akhalkalaki Municipality;
- Women and youth support group is engaged in Local Development Strategy development process and specific sub-project applications are promoted;
- Project methodologies, learning and results promoted to a wide national audience through a tested multimedia platforms.
Project documents
Promoting Cultural Events
Snow Cleaning Machine
Crop Harvester
Beauty Salon in village Khulgumo
Hotel in Olaverdi
Zootechnical and Mechanization Service Center
Furniture Production
Shoes Production
Construction of the Arena
Construction of the 2nd floor of the Museum
Fitness Center
Winter Tourism Development
Dental Clinic
Development of Innovative Greenhouse
Greenhouse-Flower Production
Purchasing Potato Harvester
Beauty Salon
Jewelry Production
Modern Musical Electronic Equipment
Establishing Demonstration Plots
Computer and Cellphone Service
Agriculture Rope Production
Medical diagnostic center
Linseed Oil Production
Onion Production Demonstration Plot
Greek Sunday School
Mining and Processing of Volcanic Slag
Production of Traditional and European Cheese
Preservation of Cultural Heritage
Irrigation of Agricultural Crops Irrigation with Mobile Pump and Sewing Pipes
Informational Database for Tourism Development
Guesthouse Cottage for Visitors
Mothers and Children World
Import and Farming of Holstein Breed Cattle
Guesthouse in Village Kotelia
Arrangement of Recreational Park
Production of Environment Friendly Metal Roofs
Restoration of Threatened River Trout Population
Clothing Studio
Documents Center
Specialty Shop for Dairy Products
Auto Service with ЕVRO-5, ЕVRO-6 Standards
Akhalkalaki Local Action Group (LAG)
Project map
Photo gallery
Akhalkalaki Local Action Group (LAG)
Auto Service with ЕVRO-5, ЕVRO-6 Standards
Specialty Shop for Dairy Products
Documents Center
Clothing Studio
Restoration of Threatened River Trout Population
Arrangement of Recreational Park
Production of Environment Friendly Metal Roofs
Priority Area:
Partnership that creates
Agriculture and rural development
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