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Laboratory Health and Safety LLL Courses for Youth in West and East Georgia

Project Description
The EU-Georgia Association Agreement, which entered into the force in 2016 is currently in the process of its implementation. By creating the Free Trade Area, Georgia and EU agree to unify standards, requirements and quality control systems. This includes Occupational Health and Safety directives, where the topics related to exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents at works are being considered among the top priorities.

The agro-food and healthcare sector, the driving force for country economic development should guarantee its products /services quality and safety, which is currently very challenging for Georgian industry. The role of safe and reliable testing and diagnostic Laboratories operating across the country is very important in this regard. Furthermore, laboratory staff has to update their knowledge and skills regularly with changes in regulations, norms and appearance linked with new laboratory equipment and methods.

This project aims to improve the competencies and employability of young professionals dealing with laboratory services in selected regions: Tbilisi, Guria, Imereti and Adjara.
Specific Objective
The project’s main goal is to improve competencies and employability of young professionals dealing with laboratory services in selected regions. Specific objectives are:

1) to support young professionals (men and women) including recent graduates of related Bachelor or Master programs willing to be employed by Industry (private and state laboratories, agro-food businesses, healthcare institutions) as well as by educational institutions (Universities, colleges, school) by introducing and making available the Lifelong learning courses on Laboratory Health and Safety.

2) to strengthen the human capacity of training/service providers (University, School, Colleges, Industry staff members responsible for implementation/introduction of internal trainings) by introducing the training of trainers’ programme to ensure sustainability and continuity of the non-formal education in the area of Laboratory Health and Safety;

3) to increase the awareness and knowledge of all stakeholders involved by creating the common e-platform/knowledge forum at local and International level.

4) to contribute to increased interaction between the employer and employee thus serving the needs of youth and employer market by creating the on-line employment/career guidance hub resulted in increased employability of youth.
Expected Results
The project aims to achieve the following results during the 2 years of the project lifetime:

1) The professional Life long learning (LLL) courses will be created to meet the immediate needs of youth, young professionals willing to work with agro-food and healthcare industries, laboratories (private and state) as well educational institutions covering West (Imereti, Racha -Lechkhumi, Guria, Samegrelo, Ajara) and East Georgia (Kakheti, ShidaKartli). The LLL courses will be introduced by applicants in cooperation with 3 regional Universities (final beneficiaries) and at their premises.

2) To complement and ensure the sustainability of LLL courses in the area of Laboratory Health and Safety, and at the same time to contribute to the human capacity building of key players concerned, the Training of Trainers (ToT) program will be created and introduced at TSU and State Labs (NCDC and SLA) for future trainers, teachers (University, School, Colleges, Industry staff members responsible for implementation/introduction of internal trainings).

3) To facilitate the process of improving of employability it is envisaged to establish the on-line job/vacancies Data Base which will also cover the information about the available apprenticeships/ internships, as well as provide the contacts for Career guidance and counseling for jobseekers.

4) to increase the involvement of target groups with special focus on disadvantage groups and ensure the accessibility of courses/knowledge and services the on-line -platform/knowledge forum will be created.

5) In addition, the EU knowledge experience will be shared through inviting partner Universities and Labs to participate in ToT sessions, and hosting study tours planned as part of the ToT programs. 6) By the end of the year two the international conference will be conducted to share the outcomes of the project with wider audience and to summarise the key achievement of the project.
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