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Promotion of rural development and diversification in Khulo Municipality

Project Description
This project is part of the EU’s ENPARD programme supporting agriculture and rural development. It establishes a Local Action Group (LAG) to drive local decision making, empowering citizens and promoting local action based on the EU LEADER approach. The project works in high mountainous Khulo Municipality (Ajara region) and helps build systems for diversified sources of income to the population of the municipality. Local Action Group, with the help of the project has developed Local Development Strategy for Khulo Municipality, and awarded small grants for both public and business initiatives. The project works with local farmers, local guesthouse operators and touristic service providers, local food producers and handcraft workers, local community members (including CSOs, youth groups etc.), local government representatives.
Specific Objective
To improve employment and living conditions in Khulo Municipality through diversification of the rural economy.
Expected Results
- Establishment and empowerment of the Local Action Group.
- Development of the Local Development Strategy by the LAG, based on the LEADER approach.
- Improved capacities beneficiaries (potential sub-grantees) for business management and strengthened visibility and sustainability of their products and services.
- Launching of local development projects of local beneficiaries with funding from Rural Development Fund.
Project documents
Garbage truck for Khulo city hall
Hotel in Khulo Municipality
Tourist complex “Khikhani”
Tourist village ,,Vale Side”
Service centre for cars and motorcycles
Sewing Atelier "Produced in Khulo"
Tractor in Khulo Municipality
Equip the Dental Centre
“Improvement of agricultural services”
Tractor in Khulo Municipality
Tractor in Khulo Municipality
Mini fruit dryer
Sewing atelier “Mzevinar 2019”
Repair of agricultural equipment
Furniture Factory
Equip the guesthouse with mini bar, tennis table and billiard room
Sport complex
Mosaic stones factory
Auto-service centre
Ice-Cream Machine in Khulo municipality
Printing House (Polygraph Service)
Brick Production
Production of semi-finished products in Diakonidzeebi village
Washing services for carpets and soft tissues
Preparatory center in Dioknisi Village
Adjarian Folk Ensemble “Gantiadi”
Agricultural machinery services in Vashlovani Village
Rabbit Farming in Didajara Village
Renovation of rural road infrastructure in Kedlebi village
Support to Khulo Hospital
Khulo Local Action Group
Khulo Agro-Market
Raspberry and Blackberry Production
Guesthouse Didachala
Provision of Agricultural Equipment
Beekeeping Farm in Riketi
Beer Brewery in Khulo
Beekeeping Farm in Paksadzeebi
Aesthetic Center
Slaughterhouse in Ghorjomi
Guesthouse in Dzirkvadzeeebi
Guesthouse in Vashlovani
Guesthouse in Beshumi
Trout Farm in Uchkho
Guesthouse in Khulo (2)
Guesthouse of Village Beghleti
Guesthouse in Satsikhuri
Guesthouse "Karati"
Sub-Project Wine Cellar and Wine-Making
Hotel in Khulo
Guesthouse in Kinchauri
Installing of heliosystem in Goderdzi botanical garden
Furniture Production
Trout Farm in Khihadziri
Guesthouse in Khulo
Project map
Photo gallery
Priority Area:
Partnership that creates, Partnership that creates
Economy & trade, Agriculture and rural development
Business, Local development
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