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Advancing Regions for Sustainable Development (ARSD)

Project Description
Advancing Regions for Sustainable Development (ARSD) is implemented by the Centre for Training and Consultancy (CTC) in partnership with People in Need Georgia (PIN) and the Institute of Democracy (IOD).

Project strategic goal is to facilitate evidence-based and informed Regional Development Policy implementation in Georgia.

The project envisages sub-grant facility for regional academic institutions and think tanks to support applied researches. Within the Action, various studies related to regional development issues will be developed, trainings for representatives of Local Action Groups (LAGs) and local self-government will be conducted, professional development program for public servants will be created, an online course in regional development will be developed for the interested individuals from public. Also, the National Forum for Regional Development and Conference will be arranged.
Specific Objective
Regional development policy planning, implementation and evaluation processes become more effective, inclusive and participatory.
Expected Results
• Respective state authorities engage in the multi-stakeholder dialogue and enhance communication mechanisms for more integrated planning and implementation of regional development and related sector policies
• Region development strategy, implementation and evaluation processes become more effective, inclusive and participatory through engagement of Local Action Groups (LAG) and other active region-based CSOs
• The regional development state and non-state stakeholders expand capacity in the field of regional/territorial development policies based on European experience
• Regional academic institutions, experienced think tanks develop a series of applied researches and policy alternatives for an inclusive and rapid socio-economic development of regions and urban centres
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National Conference on Regional Development
Professional Development Program Training: ''’Integrated Regional Development Policy Planning and Implementation’’
Regional Development Forum
Professional Development Program Workshop ''European experience on Regional Development''
Multi-Stakeholder Seminar ''Georgian practice and European experience of non-states actors’ engagement in Regional Development Policy''
Priority Area:
Partnership that protects
Governance & public administration
Good government
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