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Support for the Georgian National Agency for Standards and Metrology

Project Description
The overall objective of the project is to support Georgia in fulfillment of the obligations under EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA), DCFTA and Association Agenda in the field of Standardization and Metrology, as well as further to enhance the standardization and metrology infrastructure and services in accordance with the European and International best practices.
Specific Objective
The specific objective of the project is further to strengthen institutional as well as human capacities of Georgian National Agency for Standards and Metrology (GEOSTM) to meet the requirements derived from the AA and DCFTA through continued legal approximation process, development of National Quality Infrastructure Institutions, alignment of GEOSTM’s practices and procedures to the EU ones as well as broadening network in the field of Metrology and Standardization, with special focus on European research programs.e.g. EMPIR).
Expected Results
1. Increase the Number of European harmonized standards adopted as Georgian national standards in support of legal approximation process
2 Increase the Availability of drafts of relevant legislation (drafts of new acts or of amendments) for further alignment with requirements of regulation EU 1025/2012 and MID (for selected measuring instruments), NAWI and Directive on Units of Measurements
3. Increase the Number of internationally recognised services (CMCs)
4. Create a Quality Management System according to ISO 17034:2016
5. Implement a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 and obtain certification
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