Facility for the Implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement - II

Project Description
The project provides technical assistance to public authorities of Georgia to deepen Georgia’s integration with the European Union in line with the priorities set out in the Association Agreement (AA) and the Association Agenda.

It builds on experiences of past projects and achievements to date, and further strengthens policy development, coordination, reporting and monitoring by the Government, Parliament and other institutions. It renders assistance and expertise to implement sector-related reforms, enhances legal approximation and regulatory impact assessment frameworks, advances practice across relevant institutions of the Government and Parliament and contributes to effective communication and outreach to the Georgian public on the EU-Georgia agreements.
Specific Objective
1. To strengthen capacities of Georgian public authorities to comply with commitments set out in the EU-Georgia agreements, with particular focus on AA/DCFTA
2. To further enhance coordination, monitoring, reporting on and awareness of AA implementation
3. To support with implementation of legal and institutional reforms
4. To coordinate and monitor EU assistance
Expected Results
- Enhanced coordination, monitoring, reporting and evaluation mechanisms and practice
- Improved capacity of the Parliament and mechanisms for oversight of AA/DCFTA Implementation
- Improved coordination of the Government and monitoring of EU assistance at national level
- Strengthened reforms planning and implementation in AA/DCFTA-related sectors, in line with national policy planning framework and principles of public administration
- Strengthened approximation of national legislation with EU norms and standards, using unified methodology and Improved compliance of Georgian legislation and legislative initiatives with EU norms related to AA, DCFTA and AA commitments
- Strengthened institutional reform process in specific areas in the framework of the AA implementation
- Enhanced partnership among relevant state institutions' and EU agencies as well as EU community programmes
- Enhanced legal translation capacity of the Government Agencies (Principally MoJ And Matsne)
- Improved communication of the Government and Parliament on AA/DCFTA and other EU-Georgia agreements
- Increased awareness Of EU–Georgia relations and advantages of AA/DCFTA among national and local public institutions, businesses and society
- Developed and improved Communication Tools
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects
Governance & public administration
Good government
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Implementing Organisation:
IBF International Consulting
Funding by the EU:
€3 346 600
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