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Reinforcing Child Welfare and Protection System in Georgia

Project Description
EU has supported the Government of Georgia with its extensive deinstitutionalization reform which has resulted in breakdown of large, soviet-style institutions and emergence of more modern forms of childcare. Since then, a number of projects have been supported to ensure quality of services provided by the Government.

This project aims to reinforce child welfare reform in Georgia and ensure provision of quality alternative care for children. It intends to identify and address the gaps in the existing policy and service provision in Georgia in order to enable the government to strengthen the child protection system and provide quality alternative care services with a focus on family- and community-based care.

The project:
- Contributes to an improved and sustainable child welfare and protection system in Georgia through an increased access for vulnerable children to quality alternative care services and protection mechanisms.
- Strengthens state prevention and family support mechanisms
- Ensures deinstitutionalization of residential institutions for children deprived of parental care
- Establishes regulatory framework for the shelters run by religious institutions and local municipalities
The project targets 250 Social workers of the Social Service Agency of Georgia (SSA);130 employees of the social departments of all 69 municipalities; 500 foster families throughout the country; 1600 children living in large scale institutions; 45 children residing in Kojori Boarding House for Children with Disabilities; 40 staff in institutions run by the Patriarchy of Georgia and other non-regulated institutions.

The project brings together the expertise, best practices and aspirations of World Vision and the Government of Georgia, in addressing the needs of vulnerable children deprived of parental care, or at risk of being so, by ensuring appropriate and quality alternative care.
Specific Objective
To enable the Government of Georgia to strengthen child protection system and provide quality alternative care services with a focus on family and community-based care.
Expected Results
- Developed and improved mechanisms, models and capacity for strengthening the statutory social work system
- Increased capacity of the Social Service Agency to provide quality alternative care services to vulnerable children
- Increased awareness of the Social Service Agency on non-regulated residential child care institutions and improved capacity of relevant staff of the non-regulated institutions
- Reinforced deinstitutionalization process and improved/regulated state policy for alternative child care services
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