A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring

Project Description
The European Union supports the democratic development of Georgia and implementation of Public Administration Reform (PAR), as part of Association Agreement. The reform aims at achieving efficient and transparent public administration, where engagement of civic sector becomes most important.
The project supports ensuring transparency of PAR reforms through bringing together civil society organisations (CSOs) from Imereti, Guria and Racha-Lechkhumi to monitor implementation of reform processes. To equip CSOs with necessary skills for monitoring, the project ensures capacity-building of such organisations through trainings and mutual cooperation. Civil Society Forum for Western Georgia, created within the framework of the project, brings civil society organisations of western Georgia to cooperate and monitor the implementation of the PAR in 8 municipalities.
Specific Objective
1. To build a common platform for CSO cooperation in west Georgia with trainings on advocacy, monitoring, policy dialogue, visibility (PR), funding, organizational questions and involvement of local population;
2. To increase capacity of CSOs to monitor and implement PAR progress and elements focusing on efficiency, transparency, accountability and inclusiveness of the public administration in the three regions.
Expected Results
- 12 CSO Forum meetings and training sessions organized for local CSOs alongside with roundtables and conferences; training manuals elaborated;
- Higher understanding of CSOs on advocacy, monitoring, policy dialogue, visibility (PR), funding, organizational questions and involvement of local population and PAR;
- Established consultancy program for local interest groups;
- 16 CSOs and 10 local interest groups funded through sub-granting schemes to expand activities
- 4 alternative PAR progress reports published, based on monitoring mechanism;
- PAR roadmap split into 8 local action plans though cross-linking work of CSOs in order to be implemented by local authorities;
- Advocacy campaign for CSO work implemented;
- Best practice manual elaborated about monitoring mechanism and PAR implementation;
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects, Partnership that empowers
Governance & public administration, Public Administration Reform
Good government
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Cultural Humanitarian Fund Sukhumi
Funding by the EU:
€377 068
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