Support to Integrated Border Management in Georgia

Project Description
The project is part of the EU4 Security, Accountability and Fight against Crime in Georgia" (SAFE) programme, and contributes to increased security of Georgian citizens by strengthening good governance and rule of law in Georgia.

The project provides support to the consolidation of Integrated Border Management in Georgia through:
- Improvement of detection of illegal activities occurring at borders and more effective response
- Strengthening capability of the Coast Guard in Search and Rescue and Blue Border security operations.
- Enhancing accountability and integrity of border agencies and respect of the rule of law, human rights and gender.
- Enhancing capacities of Border Police and Patrol Police to train their staff in operational, technical and rights-based considerations as they relate to their work.
Specific Objective
To provide support to the consolidation of Integrated Border Management in Georgia, while fully taking into account human rights and integration of the gender perspective.
Expected Results
- Surveillance systems, communications equipment and vehicles delivered/installed at the Georgian Green Border
- Inshore fast response boats for Georgian Coast Guard procured
- A Monitoring and Evaluation methodology is created and enacted by the Border Police against their IBM Action Plan and Strategy and is used to accurately monitor their progress against the objectives and targets therein
- Data Protection agreement with the EU for Passenger Name Record (PNR) data drafted and signed off with the EU to enable PNR data to be received from EU airlines
- A Training Needs Assessment for the Border Police is produced and validated by the MIA.
- MIA Academy officials have better knowledge and training skills on key IBM issues.
- An Advanced Distance Learning system is available
- Identity management equipment for the Patrol Police for International Airports delivered, installed and linked to relevant databases to ensure faster and more accurate ID Management of Georgian citizens and interdiction of criminals
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Priority Area:
Partnership that empowers
Migration and mobility
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
International Organization for Migration
Funding by the EU:
€6 000 000
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