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Support to Advancing Technical Capacities for Ensuring Human Security

Project Description
The project is part of the EU4 Security, Accountability and Fight against Crime in Georgia" (SAFE) programme, and contributes to increased security of Georgian citizens by strengthening good governance and rule of law in Georgia.

The project identifies specific needs and procures cutting-edge technology/equipment to enhance institutional and operational capacities of designated security sector actors, law enforcement agencies and oversight institutions. It also strengthens institutional and operational capacities of law enforcement agencies, disaster response and oversight institutions through providing high technological equipment, software and hardware solutions.
Specific Objective
To contribute to the increased efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of institutions in the security sector.
Expected Results
- Technical support and equipment provided to security stakeholders to better position the responsible Government bodies to actively prevent crime and violence, to investigate and fight criminal offences, to better respond to cyber-attacks, as well as respond to disasters and emergencies.
- Equipment provided supports good-governance aims by increasing duty-holder’s accountability and therefore the awareness of these duty-bearers of their obligations towards the citizens of Georgia, which will be a key outcome of the overall Programme.
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Partnership that protects
Security & conflict response
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