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Europe Day 2024

Statement of Pawel Herczynski, the Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia


Today is Europe Day!

Every year, on this very day, we reflect on the journey that began with a vision for peace and cooperation and evolved into the most successful and prosperous union of 27 countries, each with different history and culture, but all bound by shared values and aspirations.

For the first time, Georgia celebrates this day as an EU candidate country. This is a truly historic occasion in our shared European story.

The goal is for Georgia to become a full member of the European Union with all privileges and all responsibilities of membership.  For this, Georgia needs to demonstrate strong commitment to EU values and deliver necessary reforms.

Later this year, the European Union will decide whether Georgia will take the next step towards membership.

This opportunity exists right now. Do not miss it. The doors of our union have been finally wide open! We are waiting for you!

We want Georgia with its unique culture and traditions, to become part of our European Union family. Stay on the EU path! And rest assured we are by your side on this journey.  

So, let’s celebrate this Europe Day and join hands to bring Georgia closer to the EU membership.