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International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Statement of the EU Ambassador on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


No one should experience any form of violence at home, at work, in a public space or anywhere at all. But the reality is that one in three women across the globe faces violence from her partner or any other type of sexual violence during her lifespan, regardless of origin, ethnicity, culture or religion.

The European Union has a zero-tolerance policy toward gender-based violence. This is a grave violation of human rights and the EU’s core values.

In Georgia, we work together with relevant authorities to combat gender-based violence by strengthening protection and prevention. We are contributing to establishing reliable support services, such as shelters and post-shelter assistance for survivors. And, we are working on raising awareness, changing improper attitudes and behaviour, as well as breaking gender stereotypes.

Today, I have one simple, yet very important message: do not remain silent! This is not a private issue, this is not a women’s issue. This is an issue for the whole of society and all the people of Georgia. If you see violence at home, sexual harassment at work, or verbal abuse online – report it. It is a crime. It is the only way to break free from the cycle of violence.