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Strong Women -Strong Georgia: EU Ambassador issues statement and launches social media campaign to mark International Woman’s Day in Georgia


EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell has issued a statement on the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day.  The statement also launches an EU social media campaign – “Strong Women-Strong Georgia” which will run through March. 

Statement of EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell:

“Today we mark International Women’s Day.  A moment to celebrate all the women of Georgia. 

During my 2.5 years in this country, I continue to be impressed by the incredible work I see women professionals doing here, whether as entrepreneurs, journalists, CEOs, community leaders or politicians in the big cities and also in the regions.

Women that are creating new jobs, assisting vulnerable groups or working to improve their communities. Not to speak about the much less visible work many women are doing to maintain the household, and caring for their children and elderly.

The contribution is significant, and yet on average women still only earn 2/3 of men’s salaries, and less than half of women are employed outside the home.

And let’s not forget that many women are vulnerable to discrimination or worse, gender based violence, which is totally unacceptable.

Overall, Georgia is moving towards greater gender equality, but there is still a long way to go. And my message is simple – a country can only achieve its full strength when everybody is given the same opportunity to reach their potential. It’s time to work to remove the barriers that are holding back girls and women from fully contributing to making Georgia as strong as it can be.

This is the message that we will bring out in a campaign during the month of March on our social media channels under the motto “Strong Women – Strong Georgia”.  We hope you want to join the discussion.

The objective is clear and so is the potential.  We just need to keep pushing – together.

Happy Women’s Day!”

Strong Women – Strong Georgia campaign

The statement also launches an EU social media campaign entitled Strong Women – Strong Georgia.  This campaign will highlight the crucial role women play in Georgia and the challenges they face. It will introduce women leaders, demonstrate how women are fighting with the negative consequences of COVID-19, and underline the challenges they still face.

For more information on the campaign, please follow our social media: https://www.facebook.com/europeanunioningeorgia or visit campaign page: https://eu4georgia.ge/strongwomenstronggeorgia/

The EU has worked tirelessly to defend women’s rights and to empower them to realize their full potential. Working with international and local partners, the EU is supporting action for equal, inclusive and safe environment for women in Georgia, as well as measures for ending violence against women and girls.

In its cooperation with Georgia, the EU is driving change by strengthening women in business, providing opportunities for quality education and promoting a fair society.