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„თბილღვინო“ / TbilVino

TbilGvino Improves Its Product Quality with the EU Support


Over 402 hectares of vineries, 6 million bottles of wine annually, and export to 30 countries – this is the portfolio of Georgian wine producer TbilGvino in numbers.

With its history spanning decades, the company focuses on quality products and best taste qualities. Last year Tbilgvino started introducing innovative agricultural practices in its production lines, and enrolled on a Mating Disruption Programme supported by EU and FAO. The program is intended for the control of the European Grapevine Moth, a pest that reduces harvest by approximately 40% while also affecting the quality of grapes and, naturally, the wine that is produced from them.

As part of this programme, we now use mating disruption pheromones that are safe and can be used at biofarms and vineries. It provides almost 100% pest control, and we no longer need any chemical pesticides,’ explains Vasil Gurasashvili, Vineries Manager at TbilGvino. Previously the company treated its vineyards with pesticides 4-5 times per year. Now one pre-bloom treatment is enough, which prevents the chemicals from penetrating into the grapes, and the wine is safer and of a better quality.

TbilGvino is also part of the training courses supported by the EU and FAO, which helps the company better use advanced technologies, including safer use of chemicals, advanced methods for pruning, soil treatment, and other modern approaches.

‘We may have some theoretical knowledge of how these technologies are used by European producers, but the trainings help us apply the European standards effectively, motivate us to improve local production and to advance Georgian viticulture’, the company’s representatives explain. They say it is a prerequisite for Georgian wine to establish itself decently on the European markets and remain competitive and sustainable.

Last year, the EU and FAO supported 12 small, medium and large winemakers similar to TbilGvino, introducing them to innovative, organic methods that minimize the need for pesticides. Introducing European standards and reducing the negative impact on the environment help producers improve the quality of wine and increase the export potential of Georgian wine in the European market.


For more than three decades, the European Union has fostered a unique and close partnership with Georgia, supporting the country’s continued development through knowledge and experience sharing, expertise, innovation and financial support. The relationship between the EU and Georgia is based on shared values of peace, freedom, democracy, human rights and inclusive economic growth.

The EU and Georgia work together for a strong, independent, democratic, resilient and prosperous Georgia, building European future for its people and next generations.