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EU Ambassador to Georgia visited the Marneuli and the Samshvilde village.

The European Union promotes regional development and empowers communities across Georgia


The EU Ambassador to Georgia, Pawel Herczynski, visited the Marneuli municipality and the Samshvilde village in Tetritskaro municipality. Welcomed by Marneuli’s Mayor, Kenan Omarov and the Chair of the Marneuli Municipality Council (Sakrebulo) Amiran Giorgadze, Ambassador Herczynski had an in-depth discussion about the region’s current and future projects and development strategies. The visit aimed at directly engaging with local organisations, civil society and youth and getting a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced in the region. As Georgia continues its journey towards the EU membership, the EU is a steadfast partner for promoting development in all of Georgia’s regions and to all of its communities.

Meeting with the Red Bridge NGO was the central part of the visit. The founders presented their projects promoting the inclusion of ethnic Azerbaijanis into Georgia’s development. An interactive session with the local youth at the NGO’s premises provided a platform for vibrant discussions with the Ambassador, highlighting the EU’s emphasis on youth engagement, commonality of values and Georgia’s European integration.

‘’We are not just open to your ideas and participation but are actively seeking them out. Your energy, creativity, and innovative thinking are crucial to shaping a future that is not only prosperous but also inclusive and sustainable,” the Ambassador said.

At the EU-funded STAR’s regional hub, Ambassador Herczynski convened with the civil society representatives and local activists. The meeting facilitated a rich dialogue on local initiatives, the challenges faced by the civil society, and potential avenues for EU cooperation, reinforcing the EU’s role as a supportive partner in civic development.

“Your efforts will ensure the development of a more inclusive, vibrant, and interconnected community, based on the principles that resonate deeply with the values of the European Union,” Ambassador Herczynski said.

The visit culminated in Samshvilde village, where Ambassador Herczynski explored the “Orbis Bude” social enterprise, an EU-supported project exemplifying sustainable tourism and local empowerment. Offering a range of tourist services, this venture not only promotes the region’s cultural heritage but also champions inclusivity by involving local women in its operations.

“I was so impressed by the energy and enthusiasm seen in the “Orbis Bude”. It provides unique opportunities to the local youth by providing the skills helping these young individuals to become proficient guides and, more broadly, fosters a spirit of inclusivity and empowerment”, the Ambassador noted.  

Ambassador Herczynski’s visit to Marneuli and Samshvilde is a testament to the EU’s dedication to grassroots engagement, support to local initiatives and promoting inclusivity across Georgia.

For more than 30 years, the European Union has built a close partnership with Georgia, supporting its development through knowledge and experience sharing, expertise, innovation and financial support. The relationship between the EU and Georgia is based on shared values of peace, freedom, democracy, human rights and inclusive economic growth. More about the EU’s support in Georgia https://eu4georgia.eu/the-european-union-in-georgia/

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