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United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP28

Towards the United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP28


Rising temperatures, shrinking glaciers, extreme weather episodes, biodiversity loss and many more – These are the consequences of climate change. The European Union and Georgia are responding together.

Our common priorities include promoting clean and renewable energy and transport, and improving energy efficiency in public buildings. Together we are also improving air quality, better managing water resources, preserving forests and protected areas, addressing waste and industrial pollution.

All those actions reflect our shared commitment to protect the environment and address climate change. Georgia is home to the first commercial wind farm in the Caucasus. And, the EU is supporting the modernisation of the Enguri hydropower station, which produces around 40% of all electricity used in Georgia.

Our joint efforts ensure a better-protected environment and improved the quality of life and health for the people of Georgia. Climate change knows no borders. By continuing to work together, we can drive real change and secure a better future for all. Each person’s actions matter in shaping the future.