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Within the scope of the EU4Youth programme, CENN with the support of the EU announces a social innovation grant competition in 3 municipalities of Georgia


Within the scope of the EU-funded project “EU4Youth: Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) for Green Growth in Borderline Regions,” CENN launches a grant competition in Ninotsminda, Gori and Akhmeta municipalities.

The aim of the Social Innovation Competition is to identify and support projects that develop and foster social innovative and entrepreneurial ideas in Ninotsminda, Gori and Akhmeta municipalities. The main objective of the competition is to empower young people (18-29 years old), people with disabilities, vulnerable groups living in remote, borderline villages, girls, eco-migrants and ethnic minorities. The expected results of financial assistance are to address social and environmental challenges and transform them into successful projects through green innovation and inclusive growth opportunities.

The following individuals and entities are eligible to participate in the competition: Residents of  legal age in Georgia between the ages of 18-29; legal entities registered in Georgia; agricultural cooperatives with a registered status; non-profit legal entities (non-governmental; organization, foundation, association, etc.); individual entrepreneurs; initiative groups, educational institutions; public institutions; legal entities and cultural-educational organizations of Gori, Ninotsminda and Akhmeta.

Social Innovations competitions consist of the following steps:

I Step – primary application submission (01/12/2020 – 01/01/2021)

II Step – primary submission evaluation (10/01/2021)

III Step – GREENcubator acceleration program (19/01/2021- 12/02/2021)

IV Step – final application submission (15/02/2021)

V Step – evaluation and funding (15/02/2021)

The main directions of the competition

  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Smart Decisions
  • Sustainable Resource Management
  • Tourism
  • Green Cities and Transport
  • Health Care
  • Social Integration
  • Migration
  • Regional Strategies – Economic Diversification and Improving Living Standards

The applicant must submit the first application by January 1, 2021. Information about all stages of the competition, deadlines and other important details can be found in the grant manual of the CENN Environmental Knowledge Portal.

About the project

The main goal of the EU-funded EU4Youth-SEED project is to create a favourable ecosystem for the development of social entrepreneurship and green innovation in the borderline regions of Georgia (Gori, Akhmeta, Ninotsminda) and Armenia (Lori, Tavushi, Shirak). The aim of the project is to discover the entrepreneurial potential in the most vulnerable municipalities and to promote entrepreneurship opportunities among youth.