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Energy Efficiency – Feature Stories

EU helps make 26 Public Buildings throughout Georgia energy efficient

EU helped make three kindergartens in Rustavi energy efficient

EU Supports Energy Efficient Holiday Inn Telavi in Kakheti

Kvareli Lake Resort introduces Energy Efficient systems with EU support

Construction and repair materials company Nova prepares for entering the EU market

An Energy Efficient Kindergarten opens in Kakheti with EU support

EU and EBRD help Georgian book distribution company to go solar

Energy-efficient schools and day care centres – a real opportunity for Georgia?

EU and UNDP help rural businesses respond to pandemic crisis

EBRD, EU/E5P financed electric “green” buses arrive in Batumi

Ensuring Georgia has enough electricity for its citizens

How could an energy efficient medical centre look better and cost less?

Georgia successfully completes 3rd phase of the Energy Sector Reform Programme, a joint German KfW, French AFD and EU initiative