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Free and Fair Election in Georgia

EU and ISFED launched a New Project to Enhance Election Integrity in Georgia


In a significant stride towards advancing democracy and ensuring electoral integrity in Georgia, the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) presented the “Supporting Free and Fair Election Cycle in Georgia” project, supported by the European Union. This initiative comes at a crucial time, as Georgia prepares for the 2024 parliamentary elections, setting the stage for enhanced democratic engagement and transparency.

Held on Global Elections Day, the launch event created an opportunity to share the plans for the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections. Key highlights include a robust election observation mission, voter information campaigns, and initiatives designed to foster constructive dialogue between political parties and voters. These efforts are aimed at ensuring an informed, fair, and participatory electoral cycle.

Central to the project’s mission is the commitment to conduct thorough and unbiased monitoring of the upcoming 2024 parliamentary and the 2025 municipal elections. By emphasizing civic education on electoral processes and enhancing the interface between political entities and voters, the project aspires to foster a culture of accountability, transparency, and trust within the electoral process.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, His Excellency Paweł Herczyński, the Ambassador of the Sweden to Georgia, Her Excellency Ana Lyberg and the Executive Director of ISFED, Mrs. Nino Dolidze.

„The conduct of free and fair parliamentary elections in 2024 is essential to the progress of our country towards European integration. Therefore, it is imperative to undertake extensive civil monitoring of these elections to detect any issues and address them promptly and efficiently.“ – Nino Dolidze, ISFED

The project is a collaborative effort, led by ISFED in partnership with the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) and the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics.

As Georgia is approaching significant electoral milestones, the “Supporting Free and Fair Election Cycle in Georgia” project, backed by the European Union, marks the beginning of an important partnership for advancing transparent and just electoral processes in the country.

Contact info:

Mariam Magularia, PR Manager, ISFED, 595519451; mmagularia@isfed.ge