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EU supports Georgian law enforcement bodies in fight against crime

EU supports Georgian law enforcement bodies

The EU has provided high technological hardware and software solutions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia to increase analytical capacities in forensic-criminal investigations, ensure child rights-based approach in the law enforcement system and prevent domestic violence.

Representatives of the European Union visited various departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, namely, 112 Emergency Response Centre, Tbilisi Police Department, Forensic-Criminalistics Department and International Relations Department, to learn about the impact of the high-technological hardware and software solutions procured for the mentioned units under the EU SAFE programme, in partnership with UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

Agata Nieboj, Team Leader, EU Delegation to Georgia: “The European Union supports the security sector reforms in the country with the primary goal of ensuring the safety and security of the Georgian citizens. That is why we not only assist the relevant state institutions in improving their performance but also engage closely with the Parliament and local civil society organizations to ensure stronger oversight of the sector. Our support also focuses on providing better and more effective public services to the citizens.”

Strengthening the analytical capacities of Georgian law-enforcement bodies in forensic-criminalistic activities is one of the main focuses of the EU SAFE programme. Through procurement of specialized forensic workstations, amped software and other state-of-art hardware and software solutions, the Forensic-Criminalistics Department is able to enhance and analyze photo and video evidence during criminal investigations as well as conduct advanced forensic analysis on drugs and pharmaceuticals.

For many years the European Union has been assisting Georgian government administrations, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs to develop mechanisms to protect child rights in Georgia in line with relevant international standards. The child interview room at Tbilisi Police Department was equipped with special audio and video recording technology to create a stress-free atmosphere enabling investigators to interview minors and juveniles in a calm and peaceful space free from the influence of external factors and psychological pressure.

The European Union has also donated 250 sets of Domestic Violence Kits to 112 Emergency Response Center to prevent domestic violence and violence against women through tracking the movement of perpetrators. Research shows that GPS-monitored offenders are 95% less likely to commit a new crime and there is a heightened compliance to restraining orders as well.

On behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, I would like to express my gratitude to the European Union and the UNOPS for their assistance and support over the years. We acknowledge the enormous support we are receiving from the EU with regard to equipping our technological base and IT infrastructure with modern solutions,”– commented Ekaterine Machavariani, Director of International Relations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The next stage of the EU support includes delivery and handover of cybersecurity hardware & software solutions to improve capacities of relevant departments of the Ministry to fight against cybercrime, as well as the provision of various emergency rescue equipment to the Emergency Management Service.

Claude-André Nadon, Country Manager of UNOPS/Georgia: “UNOPS is proud to support the European Union in strengthening the technological and institutional capabilities of law enforcement agencies in Georgia. We have successfully delivered high technological software and hardware solutions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and look forward to continued cooperation in the field.

Since 2020, various high-technological software and hardware solutions and emergency rescue equipment in the amount of 1,800,000 USD have been procured for the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the financial support of the European Union within the framework of the “Support to Advancing Technical Capacities for Ensuring Human Security” project, implemented by UNOPS. The Project is part of the wider EU4 Security, Accountability and Fight Against Crime in Georgia (EU SAFE) initiative, that aims to contribute to the increased efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of institutions in the Georgian security sector.