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European Union and UNIDO continue to support the Georgian Pharmaceutical Cluster with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Georgian Pharmaceutical Cluster

With the support of the European Union (EU), the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) organised an interactive, physical tour of the facilities of a leading Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant factory in Tbilisi for the Georgian Pharmaceutical Cluster. All cluster members participated in the tour, and their representatives expressed gratitude to the EU and UNIDO for such an initiative.

The Georgian Pharmaceutical Cluster, which unites the manufacturers of bacteriophages and herbal pharmaceuticals, as well as support institutions, aims to enhance the competitiveness of member producers and increase sales and access to new markets by introducing internationally recognized quality standards and schemes. More information on the cluster can be accessed from the website of the Georgian Pharmaceutical Cluster: https://pharmacluster.org/en

For this reason, with the EU’s financial support, UNIDO designed a series of training programs for the members of the Georgian Pharmaceutical Cluster to increase their capacity to comply with quality requirements. The physical tour of the manufacturing site was planned as a complementary activity, enriching the overall experience received from participating in the broader training program on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Therefore, the tour was delivered as a continuation of the series of training on the quality standard, ongoing since May 2022. The event took place on the facilities of a GMP-compliant producer of pharmaceuticals in Tbilisi – GM Pharma. The participants observed manufacturing facilities and the laboratory on site, reinforcing their theoretical knowledge gained during the training with practical observation. The tour was highly informative because it served as a demonstration of how GMP standard is implemented in practice, showcasing the best practice in the Georgian context. Two representatives were invited from each of the 6 pharmaceutical companies to attend the tour.

The physical tour was organised under the EU4 Georgia project on Innovative Action for Private Sector Competitiveness in Georgia. The programme is funded by the European Union (EU) with a budget of Euro 6 million and implemented by four UN agencies – the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The EU and UNIDO will continue supporting the Georgian Pharmaceutical Cluster and will organise further sessions for the pharmaceutical companies to deepen their knowledge about compliance with international standards, with a focus on the topics of their interest.


Mr. Giorgi Todua, Project Administrator, g.todua@unido.org; +995 597 781708
Mr. Giorgi Andguladze, National Project Coordinator, g.andguladze@unido.org; +995 557 687330