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EU ENPARD Grants – Category 2: Special Grant Opportunities

In addition to the general grant program under category 1, the program offers special grant opportunities. To know which opportunity is available in your municipality, please click on the following link.

Anti-hail nets for apple growers in Gori municipality:

Model: Based on crop requirements
Supplier: Antgeo
Equipment price: see below
Grant amount: 40%
Matching contribution: 60%
Maximum supported: 2 hectares

Requirement: For apple growers in Gori only, the orchard should be intensive (vertical axis or tall spindle) and less than 5 years old.

Please note that a field visit will be performed by the supplier before the grant decision to validate the technical feasibility of the project.

Total price (GEL)

Matching Grant (GEL)

Matching contribution (GEL

1 hectare with poles




2 hectare with poles




Please note that this special grant opportunity is a limited pilot project. Under this grant cycle, the project is looking to support a maximum of 50 hectares of anti-hail nets.

No-till planters for cereal producers in Gori municipality:

Brand: Sakalak
Model: Various
Supplier: Agromotors
Equipment price: 18,050 – 20,200 USD
Grant amount: 60%, or 10,830 – 12,120 USD
Matching contribution: 40%, or 7,220 – 8,080 USD
Maximum supported: 1 unit
Requirement: for cereal growers only