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EU ENPARD Grants – FAQs and Contact

For any query for additional information, please make sure that you have revised all information displayed on this website. Keep in mind that additional details and explanations are also provided on the platform while submitting the applications.

Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the following link 

If you couldn’t find the information you are looking for, you can contact your regional coordinator:

OfficeMunicipalityContact PersonContact Details
1. TbilisiKazbegiGiga Maisuradze595 180 080; gmaisuradze@cnfageorgia.org
TetritskaroGocha Lobjanidze599  952 521; globjanidze@cnfageorgia.org
2. LagodekhiLagodekhiNato Dakishvili599 530 319; ndakishvili@cnfageorgia.org
3. DedoplistskaroDedoplistskaroGiorgi Gonashvili591 091 052; ggonashvili@cnfageorgia.org
4. AkhalkalakiAkhalkalakiMakhare Matsukatovi596 57 77 88; mmatsukatovi@cnfageorgia.org
5. KedaKhuloMziuri Gabaidze599 020 251; mgabaidze@cnfageorgia.org
KedaGiorgi Memarne595 40 84 08; gmemarne@cnfageorgia.org