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Maritime Georgia

The EU has been supporting the development  of the Georgian maritime sector through various projects and programs, addressing areas such as the reinforcement of navigational safety and security, protection of the marine environment, as well as introduction of the modern standards of education and training for international accreditation. These reforms are creating jobs, helping protect the environment and helping support the establishment of a sustainable maritime transportation system that will help Georgia become a key transit hub for the region.

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Georgian Maritime Sector Transformation through EU support

  • Imports by Sea

    Around 80% of goods in the world are being transported by sea. According to 2019 data, there was a record increase in the amount of containerized goods in the country (43%). Thanks to Georgian maritime sector, we get them uninterruptedly, even in the times of pandemic.  
  • Reforms in Maritime Sector

    Many reforms have been implemented recently in the maritime sector: as a result, 40% more Georgian seafarers are being employed on EU-flagged vessels as there were in 2015, and their annual contribution to the national budget is at least half a billion GEL.

  • Maritime Transport Strategy

    With the support of the EU, in 2021, for the first time in the history of Georgia, the country will have Maritime Transport Strategy. This will allow Georgia to have a proper roadmap for the short, medium and long term development, which will enable to become one of the leading maritime countries.

  • Modern Laboratory Equipment

    In order to improve the Black Sea environment, the EU-supported project has provided Georgian experts with modern laboratory equipment and relevant trainings, which will enable them to monitor the environmental conditions and water quality of the Black Sea coast on a permanent basis.

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