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Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities: Supporting Social Service Providers in Rural Georgia

Project Description
Protecting rights of persons with disability has long been one of the key components of human rights programming of the EU in Georgia.

The project aims to support the protection and promotion of the rights of persons with various disabilities through increased access to social services. It also promotes socio-economic support to persons with disability and their families and increases opportunities to participate in entrepreneurial activities.

The project introduces innovative consultancy service, “disabled to disabled”, which means training persons with disabilities to enforce their competence and confidence to provide essential information and services to other disabled persons and their families who face similar barriers and challenges.

The project:
- Studies gaps hindering effective operation of local government consultancy councils on disability matters and builds their capacity;
- Develops guidebook on disability rights and available services for persons with disability, CSOs/DPOs and local authorities;
- Establishes 8 new social service-focused social enterprises;
- Supports local NGOs to provide essential services to beneficiaries;
- Conducts strategic and advocacy workshops with participation of public, private and non-governmental organizations;
- Conducts advocacy campaigns to promote rights of persons with disability.
Specific Objective
To support protection and promotion of rights of persons with various disabilities and to contribute to opportunities for their social integration, which is in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.
Expected Results
- Targeted PR campaign and debates resulting in raised public awareness.
- Study of existing gaps and best practices of protection of rights of people with disability on local government level, strengthening capacity through a series of training.
- Empowering women, who take care of their disabled family members, by involving them in decision-making processes on local level.
- Contribution to the provision of targeted and demand based social services to the persons with disability in the remote areas of Georgia.
Project documents
Mountain Development Center: Covid-19 response
Bethlehem: Covid-19 response
Medina 2015
Toliskuri - We need equality
Open House
Humanitarian Association "Guria"
Training for women
Guidebook of Services for Persons with Disability
Assessment of Social Service Providers in the Regions of Georgia
Project map
Photo gallery
Grant competition
Humanitarian Association "Guria"
Open House
Bethlehem: Covid-19 response
Mountain Development Center: Covid-19 response
Medina 2015
Project writing and management training
Regional Workshop - Developing the Action Plan to define Gaps and Needs of Services for Persons with Disability
Women empowerment trainings
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Partnership that protects
Rule of law & human rights
Human rights
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