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Do IT with the EU

Project Description
"Do IT with the EU" will be implemented by Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) in partnership with the EU and the private sector, including local and international IT companies to acquire new skills for individuals, enabling digital solutions in the business sector. It builds upon the success of GITA's "Training for 3000 specialists" program, which has already benefited over 3,000 individuals. The project consists of two parts: a Certification Program and an Employment Program.
The Certification Program will train an additional 1,000 IT specialists, providing them with vouchers for internationally recognised certification exams. This will open up opportunities for high-paid jobs, freelance work, entrepreneurship, and entry into the high-tech industry.
The Employment Program will identify the specific IT positions in demand by international IT companies operating in Georgia and prepare 300 IT specialists for those roles. Successful participants will be guaranteed jobs in these companies, stimulating their entry into the Georgian market and creating value through tax benefits. Additionally, local IT specialists will benefit from higher-paying jobs and the opportunity to work on international projects.
Specific Objective
IT ecosystem building, including fostering an environment for StartUp and ScaleUp and skill upgrading, as well as raising awareness of the opportunities and challenges of Digitalisation and Smart Specialisation for pursuing Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) in Georgia.
Expected Results
1) Enhanced IT Ecosystem: The project will contribute to the development of a robust IT ecosystem in Georgia;

2) Improved Skills and Employment: Through the program, an additional 1,300 IT specialists will receive advanced training and internationally recognised certifications;

3) Integration into Global Value Chains: By addressing capacity gaps in digital and ICT skills, the project will help integrate Georgia's private sector into global value chains;

4) Modernised Economy and Economic Recovery: The project's focus on digital economy skills development and IT ecosystem formation will contribute to the modernisation of Georgia's economy. This, in turn, will support the country's economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic;

5) Inclusive and Sustainable Growth: The project will promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth by providing equal opportunities for women and men to acquire digital skills and participate in the IT sector;

6) Increased Competitiveness: The project's initiatives, such as raising awareness of digitalisation and smart specialisation, will enhance Georgia's competitiveness in the region;

7) Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals: The project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 9, promoting inclusive economic growth, employment, sustainable industrialisation, and innovation;
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