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Chokhatauri Municipality Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

Project Description
The project aims to improve the local ecosystem for an increased share of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficient (EE) packages to be used by the local self-government, private sector and civil society orგanizations (CSOs) in Chokhatauri municipality.

The project is based on two priorities: improvement of the local infrastructure and services of the LSG in order to enhance the residential comfort level and investment attractiveness of Chokhatauri and promotion of the public participation, inclusive decision-making and consultative processes to achieve higher quality and accountability of the municipal services.
Specific Objective
- Implementation of optimal energy-efficiency (EE) packages in 7 kindergartens in Chokhatauri local self-governement (LSG) supported with modernization elements to elevate the comfort level of the pre-school pupils;
- Implementation of a Small Grant Program promoting renewable energy sources (RES), efficient energy and cost reduction mechanisms for individuals, entrepreneurs, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs);
- Public awareness-raising campaign “EEconomy – save energy and money, increase your comfort level”;
- Improvement of the quality of municipal services, and in particular electronic registration to kindergartens and quality-based communal service.
- Development of re-investment mechanisms for the local self-government, business, and Civil Society Organizations.
Expected Results
(1) Improved infrastructure in seven kindergartens following energy-efficiency standards prove to the residents that LSG cares about young generations and undertakes actions to prevent emigration at the very early stage;
(2) Annual local budget savings because of energy efficiency improvements enables LSG to meet the local needs better;
(3) Fostered public participation and energy-efficiency across sectors creates conditions for open local governance and service-based municipal services;
(4) Savings re-investment mechanism ensures the sustainability of the results beyond the project lifetime and multiplication potential for other low-income LSGs in Georgia.
Project documents
Project map
Installation outdoor lighting system in Udabno sattlement
#8 Energy Efficinecy Training
#7 Energy Efficiency Training
#6 Energy Efficiency Training
#5 Energy Efficiency Training
Promo video about modernization of street lighting in Udabno settlement in Chokhatauri LSG
Promo Trailer "EEconomy" about cost-efficient Energy Efficient (EE) solutions
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