Contributing to PAR through Civic Monitoring and Engagement

Project Description
Georgia launched the Public Administration Reform (PAR) in after signing the Association Agreement with the EU. The Government recognized the need for regional engagement and participation in the process of reforms as one of the areas of improvement.
The project ensures public participation and oversight in the implementation of public administration reform, to ensure its successful implementation. It promotes civil society engagement in the monitoring and revision of the Public Administration Reform through innovations, capacity building and multi-stakeholder dialogue.
The project focuses on 4 key components: policy development, accountability, public finance management and service delivery in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation process, allowing for evidence-based revision. It conducts assessments that serve alternative monitoring reports, complementing and verifying the report of the Government on implementation of the reform.
The project creates online monitoring platform – PAR Tracker – which stores monitoring and research results and provide access to public and all interested stakeholders to comprehensive information about PAR implementation, as well as means to engage in the monitoring process.
Specific Objective
1. To monitor the implementation of PAR through an innovative, inclusive approach
2. To strengthen capacity of local CSOs to better contribute to oversight and implementation of PAR
3. To facilitate PAR revision process through multi-stakeholder discussion and sharing of best practices.
Expected Results
- 11 local CSOs of least 6 cities in Georgia trained
- Alternative monitoring reports issued
- Best practices on the most problematic issues identified by PAR Tracker identified and policy recommendations elaborated
- PAR Council created with participation of CSOs
- CSOs equipped with effective common monitoring tool and with area-specific expertise to contribute to the reform.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects, Partnership that empowers
Governance & public administration, Public Administration Reform
Good government
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Implementing Organisation:
Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)
Funding by the EU:
€449 492
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